Fears of New Second Front in Israel War as Hezbollah Invades from North

Fears of a new front forming as Israeli forces fight the Palestinian militant group Hamas were heightened on Monday as the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah fired more rockets and artillery towards Israel in response for the deaths of three fighters.

In a statement released to state media, Hezbollah claimed responsibility for attacks on two Israeli command centers in the Galilee region of northern Israel, describing the attacks as having been carried out “using guided missiles and mortar shells, causing direct hits.”

Independent journalist Greg Price provided more information on the reported Hezbollah incursion.

Israeli forces reportedly killed three Hezbollah members on Monday, and Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the “martyrdom” of the three.

On Monday, following a cross-border attack by Palestinian Islamic Jihad fighters, Israel reportedly dispatched helicopters to bomb targets and shelled southern Lebanon.

Channel 12 in Israel stated that during the Islamic Jihad raid, one Israeli soldier was killed and six others were wounded. According to the Israeli military, the gunmen who stormed across the border were ultimately defeated.

On Sunday, one day after Hamas invaded southern Israel and massacred hundreds of people, Hezbollah and Israel exchanged fire.

After Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps formed Hezbollah to fight against Israel.

The 34-day battle between Israel and Hezbollah in 2006 was over quickly. Over the boundaries, the two militaries have been exchanging sporadic rocket fire.

Israel has begun a significant counteroffensive assault against Hamas, shutting off energy and food supplies to the Gaza Strip in preparation for a possible ground attack and striking Hamas targets in Gaza with fighter jets and rockets.

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Another front in northern Israel would divide forces if Hezbollah, also supported by Iran like Hamas, were to join the war against Israel. In terms of power and capacity, Hezbollah is likewise head and shoulders above Hamas.

According to an email message released by FDD senior vice president for research Jonathan Schanzer on Monday, the “north is heating up.”

“It’s a significant concern for Israel and the United States. A war with the Iran-backed Hezbollah would be far more bitter than anything that has occurred between Israel and Hamas in recent years,” Schanzer said. “Hezbollah is better armed and trained. It has the potential to inflict serious damage upon Israel.”

While situated in Gaza, Hezbollah functions independently of Hamas, another terror organization classified as such by the United States State Department. The group, which receives funding from Iran, supports Hamas’ operations against Israel but had not yet joined the conflict prior to this reported incursion.

By Melinda Davies
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7 months ago

Well of course they Do!

You can’t start a world war with just 1 front!!!

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