Biden Trips, Falls Hard on Stage During Air Force Commencement Ceremony

Joe Biden today tripped and fell hard on the stage during the Air Force commencement ceremony sending the crowd into a hush.

Video of the stumble shows the crowd loudly applauding after Biden shook hands with a cadet and then apparently decided to take off jogging in another direction.

However, he didn’t make it far as he fell to the ground and he was quickly helped back to his feet. The video also shows Biden pointing at something as to explain why he fell.

Reports show that there was a sandbag on the stage that Biden apparently didn’t see as he made his move.

According to the New York Post, while the White House hasn’t yet responded for comment, a pool reporter relayed minutes after the fall that Biden “appears to be ok.”

“BREAKING: Biden takes a big fall on stage just now at the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation”

Conservatives responded to the video including Courtney Holland who emphasized, “This is just sad. It’s sad for our country and just another sign of elder abuse.”

Christina Pushaw followed up, “Completely agree. I actually feel sorry for him here, and angry at those who are really in control.”

The phrase “Tripped” has trended on Twitter following the incident, with many on the left excusing Biden’s mishap.

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By Hunter Fielding
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