Trump Graciously Responds after Being Told of Biden’s Fall: ‘I Hope He Wasn’t Hurt’

Former president and 2024 GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump today graciously responded after being told of Joe Biden’s fall.

As we previously reported, Biden today tripped and fell hard on the stage during the Air Force commencement ceremony sending the crowd into a hush.

Trump was fielding questions from an audience and after being informed of the mishap, he said, “Well, I hope he wasn’t hurt. I hope he wasn’t hurt.”

Then reminiscing from his time in office, Trump explained, “You gotta be careful about that. You don’t want that. Even if you have to tip-toe down a ramp, you gotta tip-toe.”

Leftists were quick to seize on a 2020 video of Trump walking down a ramp at West Point, although he didn’t fall.

The New York Times even ran a story claiming that his walk raised “new questions about his health” and attempted to fact-check a tweet he made about it.

“There was no evidence that the ramp was slippery, and the skies were clear during the ceremony,” the Times insisted.

The White House now has released a statement saying that Biden was uninjured after his fall today. White House communications director Ben LaBolt said “He’s fine. There was a sandbag on stage while he was shaking hands.”

By Hunter Fielding
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