Japan’s Top Oncologist Blows Whistle: Covid Shots Are ‘Pure Evil’

Japan’s most senior oncologist has bucked the official narrative to go rogue and blow the whistle on the “pure evil” of cancer-causing Covid mRNA shots.

Dr. Masanori Fukushima, Japan’s leading cancer doctor, has described the COVID-19 vaccines as “a work of evil” that led to the murder of millions of people around the world.

According to Fukushima, the global mass vaccination campaign is actually a globalist depopulation plot that seeks to “cull” the human race under the guise of “saving it.”

Fukushima – who spearheaded the first cancer outpatient clinic at Kyoto University and launched the first course in pharmacoepidemiology there –  listed a slew of problems with the COVID-19 mRNA jabs.

He also documented what he called an “abuse of science.”

The senior oncologist pointed out that “turbo cancers” – a kind “previously unseen by doctors” that progress extremely quickly and are typically in stage four by the time they are diagnosed – have started to appear after the vaccine rollouts.

These “turbo cancers” are emerging along with excess mortality due to cancer in general, which Fukushima says cannot be explained only by lost opportunities for screenings or treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also cited one tragic example of the dangers of the COVID-19 injection, recounting the story of a 28-year-old man who passed away five days after being injected with the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

The man’s wife tried to wake him up, but to no avail, as he was already dead.

“The doctor who did the autopsy said that when he tried to remove the heart, it was soft and had disintegrated,” Fukushima said.

“Even just one case like this shows how dangerous this vaccine can be.

“Imagine finding your spouse dead in the morning. It’s no joke.

“A vaccine that causes such outcomes, even a single death, is unacceptable.”

The oncologist also lamented the refusal of the mainstream media to report on these harms, alongside its smearing of those questioning the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines as “anti-science heretics.”

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According to him, these vaccine defenders have an attitude “more akin to faith, hysteria or even cult behavior.”

“I am now deeply concerned not only about a serious crisis in medicine but in science and democracy.”

Fukushima urges WHO to investigate vaccine damage

Fukushima also called on the World Health Organization (WHO) to lead an investigation into the harmful outcomes of the COVID-19 vaccines.

He blasted the global health body for “hastily” pushing the COVID-19 shots without proper investigation.

Moreover, the oncologist slammed the WHO for trying to enforce a one-size-fits-all approach in countries with widely varying “medical circumstances, habits, and systems,” calling it “somewhat absurd.”

According to Fukushima, the WHO is “aware” of harm from the injections as it compensates for vaccine injuries in certain countries – but it doesn’t properly address the deaths and injuries caused by the COVID-19 injection through an investigation and report.

The Japanese government has documented 2,134 vaccine deaths due to the COVID-19 vaccine in the country alone, which is likely a low estimate.

He further argued that it is “crucial” that the WHO take responsibility for the harms of the COVID shots, which he called “an abuse, a misuse of science and an evil practice of science, to be frank.”

Fukushima called on scientific and medical institutions, led by the WHO, to directly confront these outcomes through research efforts in order to “shine the light of science” on the shots.

“There are tens of thousands of people who must see a doctor because of vaccine-related issues,” he continued, asserting that a big chunk of them – 30 percent – are “suffering from [myalgic encephalomyelitis] or chronic fatigue syndrome.”

Fukushima added that this is just the beginning, as the rates of all sorts of diseases – including “autoimmune disease, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and infections” – have been spiking since the COVID-19 injection was rolled out.

“It’s as if we’ve opened Pandora’s box,” the oncologist remarked.

“We must take these damages seriously and address them earnestly.

“Any efforts to dismiss these damages as if they didn’t happen are frankly the work of evil.

“This is a quintessential example of the evil practice of science.

“We should never again use such vaccines.

“This is a shame for humanity.

“It’s a disgrace that we did this.”

By Hunter Fielding
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25 days ago

The WHO has its own agenda. They won’t “investigate” COVID deaths. They’re a FEATURE of the jabs, not a SIDE EFFECT!
People, propaganda aside, the WHO Treaty is the final Communist nail in America’s coffin! The UN takes charge during a pandemic! I mean TOTALLY in charge! This “treaty” gives away our sovereignty…during pandemics. When implemented, we can look forward to CONSTANT PANDEMICS!
The plan, since the 70s at least, has been to conquer America using the Communist United Nations. Our pretender in chief wants to once and for all to enable that generational plan…to conquer the USA!
The White House is occupied by our enemy.
This has been the purpose of the stumbling old fool since he was installed! To hand the USA off to global oppression.
Oh, and it’s quite likely the UN is already sending “peacekeepers” secretly through our insanely open borders! They wait for the command.
This is Serious Business, Patriots!

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