Doctor Killed by Turbo Brain Cancer after mRNA Shots

A marathon-running doctor died from turbo cancer shortly after receiving Covid mRNA shots.

Dr. Tim Proudman, a plastic surgeon Adelaide, Australia, tragically died from turbo brain cancer (glioblastoma) after he received his Covid jabs.

The doctor was considered to be in peak physical condition and often traveled around the world to compete in marathons.

Shortly after he received his second Covid mRNA injection, Proudman was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Within weeks he was dead, despite undergoing state-of-the-art treatments.

A much-loved plastic surgeon renowned for his humanitarian work.

Proudman was described by colleagues and friends as being a man with “a rare combination of extreme talent, incredible courage, humility, and kindness.”

His wife Susanna Proudman announced he died surrounded by family in the Calvary North Adelaide Hospital’s Mary Potter Hospice.

Dr Proudman practiced and taught surgery across numerous sites in Adelaide including the Burnside Hospital, the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and Calvary Wakefield’s Surgicentre, as well as working and training in Brisbane.

He was on the board of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia in 2023 for his work in Australia and overseas.

He spent eight years volunteering his services to the remote Himalayan country of Bhutan where he operated on burns patients and victims of bear attacks in sometimes rudimentary conditions, as well as training young surgeons.

‘We repair bits, manoeuvre things around, transfer skin from one place to another – it’s all part of the challenge of surgery,’ Dr Proundman told Channel Nine in March 2023.

‘We had to sew up the face of a young woman who lost her nose and two-thirds of her upper lip.

‘It’s like going back to where plastic surgery began during World War I, where you’ve got to find a way to reconstruct something to as close as where it was.’

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Leading orthopedic surgeon Richard Clarnette paid tribute to his longtime friend and colleague.

“He’s devoted himself to registrar teaching and training and has worked tirelessly to help train local surgeons and develop his specialty in Bhutan,” Clarnette says.

“He’s a devoted family man who also loves spending time with his mates, fishing and golfing, and traveling.

“His recent illness has been devastating but he has tackled it with an unbelievably positive attitude.

“He is a man with a rare combination of extreme talent, incredible courage, humility, and kindness.”

Dr. Proudman is survived by his wife Professor Proudman, who is Rheumatology Unit Director at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, and three adult children – two who are also doctors and the other a lawyer.

Sadly, Proudman is not the only victim of deadly turbo cancers.

COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines cause Turbo Cancer and brain cancers are the 2nd most common type of mRNA Induced Turbo Cancer.

Here are some ~40 cases reported recently on Covid Intel:

April 6, 2024 – Manchester, UK – 45-year-old Mark Downey had a headache while driving in Sep. 2023. He was diagnosed with terminal glioblastoma.




Apr. 2, 2024 – 58-Year-old Pete Wilk, former Head Baseball Coach at Georgetown University’s ‘winningest coach in Georgetown baseball history’ died after a 15-month battle with Glioblastoma, and brain Cancer.



Mar. 26, 2024 – Rikki Tako-32 New Zealand *Beloved Father & Husband *March 26, 2024, *He died from an aggressive Turbo Brain Tumor, Brain Stem Glioblastoma-just week after marrying love of his life.



Mar. 3, 2024 – Air Canada PILOT: 55 yo Anand Acharya died after a short battle with trubo brain cancer on Mar. 3, 2024.


Mar. 3, 2024 – *Brit Turner-57 USA *Drummer founding member of Southern rock band ‘Blackberry Smoke’ *March 3, 2024, *“Brit has battled since diagnosis in Fall of 2022 and fought every day” *He tragically died suffering Turbo Gliobastoma, Brain Cancer.




Feb. 26, 2024 – 29-year-old registered dietician Theresa Callaghan, in March 2023 was diagnosed with Brain Cancer, Grade 4 Diffuse Midline Glioma of the Thalamus with extremely rare and aggressive mutation. She died on Feb. 26, 2024.



Feb. 15, 2024 – 22-year-old Alexis Buchman, Former USF Softball Player and Tampa native. In Fall 2021: Diagnosed Brain Cancer, and died 2 years later on February 15, 2024.



Feb. 8, 2024 – 61-year-old Finnish Opera Soprano singer who performed in 35 countries across 4 continents, worked with artists such as singer Plácido Domingo, was diagnosed with glioblastoma in Sep.2023 and died 5 months later in Feb. 2024.


Feb. 4, 2024 – University of California Cellist and Professor 60-year-old Antonio Lysy died after 2 week battle with brain cancer.


Image Feb. 2024 – Grapevine, TX – Tiffany Branum was diagnosed with brain cancer in October 2023. Months later her husband Scott Branum was diagnosed with brain cancer as well.




Jan. 20, 2024 – Cardiff, Wales – 40-year-old mom of two Danielle Camilleri was cooking when she dropped a spoon, lost control of her arm and fell to the floor. She was diagnosed with “Stage 4 glioblastoma.”




Jan. 14, 2024 – BBC Scotland’s political editor 47-year-old Glenn Campbell was diagnosed with glioblastoma, an incurable brain tumor.




Jan. 11, 2024 – USA – 19-year-old Isabella Strahan, daughter of anchor Michael Strahan, was diagnosed with brain cancer in January 2024 (medulloblastoma).
By Hunter Fielding
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25 days ago

I thank GOD for being able to tell no to the assholes who thought they could force me to get those asinine murdering shots. Planned in whole by “bill gates” and his cohorts in crime. Five hundred million people on earth is what that AHOLE murdering pedophile, ( how many times in the plane or the island of Epstein, hence his divorce from Belinda?) and his friends from Europe, particularly the NAZI “schwab”?

23 days ago

He spends his life keeping fit and healthy and the govt/bigpharma comes along and kills him….when will they be held accountable?

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