Hollywood Star Samuel L. Jackson Blasts Trump:” Trump Is Like ‘Same Rednecks’ I Saw Growing Up ‘Who Called Me N****R’”

Actor Samuel L. Jackson likened former President Donald Trump to the “same rednecks” that hurled racist slurs at him during his youth.

Even though he grew up under segregation, which means that he would have likely been governed by Jim Crow-era Democrats, Jackson said that Donald Trump and the Republican Party represent what he grew up under.

“When I see Trump, I see the same rednecks I saw when I was growing up who called me ‘n*‘ and tried to keep me in my place. That’s what the Republican Party is to me.

They’re doing it to young people, gay people. They don’t care who you are. If you’re not them, you’re the enemy,” Jackson told Rolling Stone.

Jackson’s comments on Trump came after he reflected upon being an usher at Martin Luther King Jr.’s funeral following the Civil Rights leader’s assassination.

“The world seems to be in as hard a place as it’s always been. As a child of the Sixties, watching what happened at the 1968 Democratic Convention, and seeing the police beating those demonstrators — and those were young white kids — I learned there’s a certain kind of thing that the powers that be don’t want us doing,” Jackson said.

“One of them is protesting what they think they want us to do,” he continued. “So, when George Floyd happened, it was great to see all the different faces of kids out there fighting the injustice and what the power was doing once again to keep you from having an open mind or keep you from creating change that is not the change they want made.”

This is an excerpt from Breitbart News.

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By Hunter Fielding
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