DOJ Sought to Arrange Secret Deal to Drop All Hunter Biden Charges, Whistleblower Attorney Claims

U.S. Attorney for Delaware Davis Weiss, now a Special Counsel for the Hunter Biden case, did not control the investigation into the president’s son, the Department of Justice run by Attorney General Merrick Garland did, charges IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley.

On Wednesday, Shapley’s attorneys reported they had been in contact with associate deputy attorney general Bradley Weinsheimer, who worked under Deputy AG Lisa Monaco, who was a back channel for the Biden administration’s communications about Weiss’ tax fraud probe, according to the New York Post.

Shapley led the IRS’ investigation in the Hunter Biden probe until being suddenly removed from the investigation. He then testified before Congress that the Garland-led Justice Department had interfered in the case.

Attorney General Merrick Garland subsequently appointed Weiss as a Special Counsel in the Hunter Biden case following the collapse of a sweetheart plea deal that would have seen the president’s son escape prison time for multiple felony tax charges and a gun charge. Biden was also uncharged for a violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act when the plea deal fell apart.

As reported by Just the News, Weinsheimer spoke with Shapley’s attorney Mark Lytle in April to determine any accusations against other department officials. Weinsheimer then met with Biden’s former attorney Chris Clark and Weiss, Politico noted.

“After our client offered whistleblower testimony to Congress, Lisa Monaco’s righthand man, Bradley Weinsheimer, scheduled a meeting with Mr. Biden’s defense counsel to appeal over the head of Mr. Weiss in a way that was totally at odds with the narrative that David Weiss was acting independently,” Lytle said.

“The Deputy Attorney General’s office then claimed to us it was genuinely interested in addressing the whistleblower’s allegations, without disclosing its meeting with Hunter Biden’s lawyers. We now know that shortly after that meeting Weiss’s assistant [Lesley Wolf] offered to end the case with no guilty plea at all on the very same day that DOJ removed our client and his entire IRS team from the case,” Lytle added.

Weinsheimer subsequently had a sudden change in his willingness to discuss the matter with Shapley’s attorneys after the meeting with Biden’s defense counsel, according to Lytle.

“Mr. Weinsheimer’s tone had taken a dramatic turn from claiming interest in the whistleblower disclosures to being completely unwilling to engage and referring us to Mr. Weiss,” Lytle remarked.

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By Melinda Davies
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