Greg Gutfeld Unveils HUGE Strategy for Trump

Numerous members of the Republican party hold the belief that President Joe Biden will adopt a strategy akin to his duck-and-hide approach from the previous presidential election, presumably if he were to face off against President Donald Trump once again.

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld proposes a straightforward strategy for the former president, suggesting that he should “shame” Biden into engaging in a debate.

“Obviously this has been Trump’s signature issue and Joe is there because of Trump,” he began during a segment Thursday on “The Five.”

“He is always playing catch-up. He is always plagiarizing.

“He is like a coworker who tries to take credit for someone else’s work because he didn’t do the job.

“I think the contrast is very stark here between the capable and the incapable. It is the key difference between these two guys.

“You can hate Trump all you want, but you can’t say he is incapable, and you can like Joe all you want and realize he’s incapable.

“He’s a nice guy, but he can’t get the job done.

“Trump was on this turf years before he was running and it was because it was patriotic and not political, took the rest of these lemmings to catch up,” he said.

“So the only political animal here is Joe, who required a heinous murder to get him on a plane to El Paso [Brownsville], or else he wouldn’t have been there!

“So Trump has been right on the big issues, whether you like him or not, especially immigration, so this is what he has home-field advantage,” Gutfeld continued.

“I think the Dems and the media at large are just deeply offended that they even have to address this, right?

“To them, Trump’s inelegant and honest phrasing on the issue is more offensive than the crimes that are caused by illegal immigration,” he added.

“And this is, you know, this isn’t an exaggeration, the amount of attention that is paid to Trump’s words, far larger than the intention paid to the rapes and murders.

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“It’s like Hamas,” Gutfeld continued.

“They are more outraged by the Israeli response than the initial October 7th massacre.

“What’s interesting here to me is this provides kind of a loose model for a debate. Joe doesn’t want to debate Trump on the issues and the media will protect him so why doesn’t Trump just go places that force Joe to debate him?

“Next time go to a supermarket chain.

“Show that the prices are 20% up and pressure Joe to show up at a supermarket.

“Maybe he will,” the co-host concluded.

“Or go to a street where all of the stores are closed down, and the homeless are living on the street.

“Maybe Joe will acknowledge that. Shame him into actually addressing the issues since he was too scared to debate.”

Watch below:

By Trent Walker

Trent Walker has over ten years experience as an undercover reporter, focusing on politics, corruption, crime, and deep state exposés.

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1 month ago

HTF can Gutfeld look in the mirror knowing that he said aho Biden is a nice guy?

1 month ago

You’re joking! Surely you can’t believe Old Joe will be the Democrat/Leftist nominee. He will watch the election from a wheelchair while eating ice cream.
Don’t be stupid! Everything Democrat is a scheme…a plot. This is no exception! Joe Biden will not be on the November ballot.
It will surprise me if the election is ALLOWED to happen! The Left has no candidate who can compete with Donald Trump. Most of their cheating schemes have been found out. Trump is a steamroller, and I don’t believe the Infiltrators will chance a vote.
I expect a (false-flag?) event of sufficient magnitude to justify martial law, or a pandemic freak-out, or war. Considering the frequency of Space Alien stuff being “seeded” in media right now, we might even see a simulation (hologram) of a First Contact!
We should know by now…the radical Left won’t risk losing power! They lie, cheat and yes, even kill to stay in control.

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