Donald Trump Wrecks Fani at Virginia Rally with Hilarious Shot About Only Thing Her Lover is Good At

Donald Trump was on fire at a rally in Richmond, Virginia on Saturday night where he masterfully trolled his adversaries with pointed shots at their rampant corruption and rabid partnership.

Trump crowed at Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis’ travails and dragged her lover Nathan Wade with comedian-level potshots about ‘the only thing that he is good at.’

“I was indicted by Fani in Georgia,” he said. “Fani, how did that work out? And her lover, Nathan Wade, and they hired him for almost a million dollars because of his great, great experience. Of course, he didn’t have any experience. He had experience in something else. You know that — a lot of experience. And at that, I’m quite sure he was very good based on the fact that she called him 2000 times.”

“I didn’t know the gentleman. I didn’t know him. Oh, you have 2000 phone calls, 3,500 text messages. How is it possible in a short — I know a lot of people, we like a lot of people, I happen to have a very good relationship with a woman called Melania. But I would venture to say in all the years that I’ve known her, I might not have called her 2,500 times. I know I didn’t send 3,500 text messages.”

Good Lord. But Donald Trump wasn’t done yet. On a more serious note, he took direct shots at the Biden Department of Injustice, including scathing criticism of judges presiding over his cases.

“I’m not a threat,” he said. “I’m the one that’s ending the threat to democracy.”

“Just yesterday it was revealed that Crooked Joe’s brother admitted under oath that Joe Biden personally received a massive check paid for with money that came directly from a Chinese energy company controlled by the Chinese Communist Party,” he remarked.

“Well, how about all the money that he’s getting from Penn, University of Penn? So I went there, the Wharton School of Finance, it’s great. I went there. So Penn, they give them hundreds of millions of dollars and Biden gets paid a lot of money by the Chinese. I’m glad that Republicans in Congress are going after the massive Biden crime, family corruption. I give them a lot of credit. I give them a lot of credit.”

“In particular, they’re going after Crooked Joe Biden, and I hope they keep doing it because he’s illegally after me with the DOJ in coordination with the district attorneys and attorney generals in the States,” he continued.

“We have as an example, Fani and her lover, Nathan Wade, in Georgia, Letitia James, Judge Engoron and Merchant in New York State. Alvin Bragg, the DA, and his puppet master from the DOJ. Think of it. Think of it. Biden put his top guy, one of his top guys in the DOJ into the DA’s office in Manhattan over bullsh*t. Bullsh*t. His name is Colangelo. And now he is essentially running the DA’s office in Manhattan and they go after. So they go after me with state agencies and city agencies, but it’s all run by the DOJ. It’s crooked stuff. Really. These are crooked people.”

Talk about bold. We’ll be sure to hear from the media come Monday about Trump’s criticism of the Biden DOJ’s political prosecution, but not a word about how this is the most egregious election interference campaign in U.S. history.

By Melinda Davies
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