GA Attorney General Chris Carr Indicts 61 Antifa Members with Racketeering and Domestic Terrorism

Charlie Kirk Shared on X:

“FINALLY!! Georgia’s Republican Attorney General Chris Carr is giving Fani Willis and the radical revolutionaries a taste of their own RICO medicine. Carr has indicted 61 Antifa criminals and militant anarchists—who used domestic terrorism violence to try and stop a $90 million police training facility in Dekalb County—under the same RICO statues used against Trump just weeks ago in Fulton County. Now with the shoe on the other foot, leftists are claiming RICO charges are “anti-democratic.” Good for AG Carr. Credit where it’s due. MORE. MORE. MORE. Mutually assured destruction is the only way this ends.”


We reported on one of the attacks back in March you can read more about it below:

According to Carr’s press release, only 13 of the 61 defendants live in Georgia. “All 61 defendants have been charged with Violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act” and some individuals have been charged separately with “Domestic Terrorism, Attempted Arson in the First Degree, and Money Laundering”.

Carr warned, “As this indictment shows, looking the other way when violence occurs is not an option in Georgia. If you come to our state and shoot a police officer, throw Molotov cocktails at law enforcement, set fire to police vehicles, damage construction equipment, vandalize private homes and businesses, and terrorize their occupants, you can and will be held accountable. We will not waver when it comes to keeping people safe, enforcing the rule of law, and ensuring those who engage in criminal activity are vigorously pursued and aggressively prosecuted.”

The incidents referenced in the press release go all the way back to 2020. All 61 individuals’ names are listed in the press release as well. Five of the 61 are listed as being charged with arson and domestic terrorism.

This move by Carr comes only weeks after Fani Willis charged former president Trump and others with RICO charges relating to the 2020 election investigation.

Cop City Vote Coalition issued a statement in response to the charges against the 61 antifa members:

“Today, Republican Attorney General Chris Carr, who used his platform to recruit for the January 6 insurrection, announced blatantly authoritarian RICO charges against 61 people.These charges, like the previous repressive prosecutions by the State of Georgia, seek to intimidate protestors, legal observers, and bail funds alike, and send the chilling message that any dissent to Cop City will be punished with the full power and violence of the government. 

“Further, the documents use the day George Floyd was murdered as the date the alleged criminal acts began. This is months before anyone was even aware of Cop City, and is a clear assault on the broader movement for racial justice and equity. Carr’s actions are a part of a retaliatory pattern of prosecutions against organizers nationwide that attack the right to protest and freedom of speech. 

“The Cop City Vote coalition strongly condemns these anti-democratic charges. We will not be intimidated by power-hungry strongmen, whether in City Hall or the Attorney General’s office. Chris Carr may try to use his prosecutors and power to build his gubernatorial campaign and silence free speech, but his threats will not silence our commitment to standing up for our future, our community, and our city.”

By Liam Donovan
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