Fauci Doomed as New Evidence Shows He Pushed for Gain-of-Function, Gloated It Was Worth Risking Deadly Pandemic

New evidence has emerged that proves Dr. Anthony Fauci promoted the dangerous gain-of-function research that likely triggered the Covid pandemic.

In a newly resurfaced paper from 2012, Fauci touted the research and even gloated that it was worth risking the possibility of triggering a deadly pandemic.

Despite the risk of billions dying, Fauci called gain-of-function experiments “important work,” stating:

“In an unlikely but conceivable turn of events, what if that scientist becomes infected with the virus, which leads to an outbreak and ultimately triggers a pandemic?”

“Many ask reasonable questions: given the possibility of such a scenario – however remote – should the initial experiments have been performed and/or published in the first place, and what were the processes involved in this decision?”

“Scientists working in this field might say – as indeed I have said – that the benefits of such experiments and the resulting knowledge outweigh the risks.”

“It is more likely that a pandemic would occur in nature, and the need to stay ahead of such a threat is a primary reason for performing an experiment that might appear to be risky.”

“Within the research community, many have expressed concern that important research progress could come to a halt just because of the fear that someone, somewhere, might attempt to replicate these experiments sloppily. This is a valid concern,” Fauci declared.

Slay News reports that in 2014, the Obama administration paused funding for gain-of-function.

But Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, did not alert Trump White House officials before lifting a ban on gain-of-function research in 2017.

Now HHS has said the Wuhan lab violated the terms of Fauci’s grants, which Anthony was prohibited from handing out for this research and the rest is history. 25 million dead.

Inflation is destroying the American and world economy.

All because of Fauci’s arrogance.

Richard H. Ebright said:

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“HHS letter to Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), 09/19/23: “NIH determined that..WIV conducted an experiment that violated the terms of the grant regarding viral activity, which possibly did lead..to..unacceptable outcomes.

“NIH determined that an experiment by WIV..yielded a greater than 1 log increase in viral activity, in violation of the terms of the grant…NIH’s conclusion that WIV likely violated protocols of the NIH regarding biosafety is undisputed.

“In 2017-2018, WIV constructed a novel chimeric SARS-like coronavirus that was able to infect and replicate in human airway cells and that had 10,000x enhanced viral growth and 4x enhanced lethality in mice engineered to display human receptors on cells.

In 2018, in an NIH grant proposal, WIV and collaborators proposed to construct more novel chimeric SARS-like coronaviruses, targeting chimeras that replace natural spike genes with novel spike genes encoding spikes that have higher binding affinities to human cells.”

By Hunter Fielding
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6 months ago

I’m sure that Senator Rand Paul is glad to see this article as HE first said about Fauci that he of COURSE denied. This “Little Dr. Mengele needs to be charged with “CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY”….his MILLIONS made by the ‘Deliberate CCP Virus that was to throw at President Trump and his Great Economy for ALL Americans. This was used by the Corrupt Dems(and we KNOW who they ARE) to bring forth their ‘Fear and Lockdowns as a means for them to start their “Mail In Ballot Scheme for the 2020 Rigged Election.” This, btw is Exactly what O’s Puppet Master Soros, DID speak about when he was at the ‘WEF’ and said:

I will Anything possible to STOP POTUS TRUMP from being reelected in the 2020 election-One of his ideas mentioned included:


So as I wrote above, this is WHY these used the CCP Virus that was a deliberate thing(IMO) to Stop the reelection of POTUS Trump, and the whole world Knew that his #1 Achievement ‘WAS THE U.S. ECONOMY(among many other successes he accomplished for ALL Americans.’

This is now on a ‘Fast Track as the Obama/Soros connections will OUST the dementia addled Biden to thrust ‘the Obama’s onto the Scene AGAIN, so they Both can continue to “Take Down ‘Arrogant(Barack’s own words) America that they both DO hate.’ This, is why they keep throwing Hoax’s and Bogus Lawsuits at Trump to stop his returning to the W.House to MAGA-
Something Obama NEVER DID as he AND Michelle do NOT want to see this Republic Survive, as they see themselves as the “NWO, Eltists who will be the World’s Ruling Class, and America Does NOT survive them or the Rest of the “Dem/Marxists’ who are the ones PUSHING ‘THE ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION OF AMERICA FOR OVER TWO YEARS NOW!

btw: ‘Obama’s signature legislation as a Jr. Senator, was:
“The Global Poverty Act” which argued for the “Transfer of Hundreds of Billions of dollars FROM THE U.S. to the rest of the world through the U.N.

In order to collect the money, Marxists like Fidel Castro have long argued for a “GLOBAL TAX” of ALL People-especially Americans!

Written on Oct. 12, 2010,by Cliff Kincaid of A. I. M.(Accuracy in Media

So his Long Term Plans, we are seeing today, as the Corrupt U.N. is the body he wants to RULE Over America, even managing our Healthcare….
But no one is supposed to “Connect the dots to Obama’s, and all the plans they have for ‘Arrogant America(as he called us) and Michelle at the 9/11 ceremony said: “All THIS, for a Damn Flag”….don’t be fooled about her racism and plans to continue to “Take Down America” w/him, possibly heading up the U.N.

As a last info fact that ALL can be verified: How many know that when Obama spoke before the Corrupt U.N. in 2015, he stated:

(I did recall that speech btw in 2015)

In 2013 that he Already put that plan into place, when his adm. ordered 2,717 “MINE RESISTANT, ARMOR PLATED VEHICLES FOR USE ON “CIVILIAN STREETS IN AMERICA.” Again, to put people in Fear of his ‘New Gestapo Force in America’ and take away American Citizens rights guaranteed us, by our Constitution that “Protects FROM GOV’T OPPRESSION”….which Obama did shred on a daily basis, using his Intel Agencies and Spying on ALL Citizens w/his corrupt Directors, etc.

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