Ex-Capitol Police Officer Promises to Blow the Lid Off the Jan. 6 ‘Cover-Up’

Tarik Johnson, a former U.S. Capitol Police Lieutenant, has revealed his plans to share information exposing the January 6 “cover-up.”

Johnson, a 22-year veteran on the Capitol Police force, was tasked with securing the certification of the 2020 presidential election.

On January 6, 2021, political extremists known to the FBI to be planning to cause chaos during the 2020 election challenges were allowed by America’s intelligence and security services to lay siege to the Congress during the Electoral College.

The political extremists, who did not carry firearms and had no realistic means of ‘overturning the election,’ and who subsequently killed no one, were allowed to enter the capitol building, in some cases with the aiding and abetting of Capitol Police officers who held doors open and even escorted some J6ers, and in the absence of National Guard troops that Donald Trump wanted to have protect the election challenges.

The House of Representatives, led by then Speaker Pelosi, and the U.S. Senate, then led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, did nothing to improve the security, despite repeated warnings, including from former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser flat refused to increase the National Guard presence. The Pentagon ignored warnings to enhance security for the election certification. A National Guard general later would say that security was deliberated reduced over supposed concerns about “optics.”

It has since come out the U.S. Capitol was crawling with FBI agents, human assets, undercover armed police officers, and agents provocateurs captured on video encouraging Trump supporters to go to the capitol after Donald Trump’s speech that implored supporters to “peacefully and patriotically” let their voices be heard — a clear call to show support for the election challenges taking place in the Congress, not encouragement to cause a meaningless and counter-productive riot that would inevitably end in defeat and possibly even criminal charges while doing nothing to aid the president’s legal and constitutional election challenges.

The one thing that has been lacking to unequivocally call January 6 a “set-up,” instead of merely an obvious one, is hard evidence provided by an insider, such as a Capitol Police officer, FBI agent, or Congressional staffer with access to state secrets.

Enter former Capitol Police Lieutenant Tarik Johnson. This week, Johnson made some startling claims that promises to blow the lid off the January 6 “cover-up.”

Johnson is making it clear that he is doing his due diligence to go through the proper procedures and channels to release potentially revelatory information he believes the American people have a right to know.

“I know people are irritated because they feel I’m taking a long time to release the info,” he wrote on X. “Please understand I’m dealing with J Thomas Manger who is arguably the most corrupt politician in the country so I have to do everything right.”

Johnson then pointed the J6 evidence that he was attempting to release calling it a 12 hour video from the “Main Ops 1.” He then requested the Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger review the footage for “any security issues.”

J Michael Waller, a political analyst, provided commentary in response.

“Chief Thomas Manger is said to be a petty and vindictive Capitol Police chief,” Waller remarked. “He’ll destroy anyone who comes out and the Capitol Police (because Congress exempts itself from the laws it passes) have no whistleblower protection.”

This certainly raises the stakes for Johnson’s plan to release the J6 footage next week.

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On November 30, Johnson made it clear he is well aware of the consequences for releasing the information and that he has taken precautions.

“I spoke to my lawyer and I told him what my plans are as it relates to releasing information on X about the J6 set-up and the cover-up that ensued after. I wanted to see what if any legal ramifications I’d be facing when I do. He stated he didn’t see any and if something arose we would deal with it together. So it’s a go!!!!!!!!!!!!!” he exclaimed on X.

“With that said, I ask for everyone to be patient as I’m going to do this right and I have to make another post before I load the 12-hour radio run to my page,” he continued. “Additionally, I am not a tech person so I will also have to learn to load large documents and audio files from my computer to X so I’m going to need a little more time. I still have to work in the middle of all this and I’m dealing with family stuff at the same time but you have my word I will get everything done by next week. Hopefully by Wednesday.”

“Some worry that something may happen to me prior to releasing the info. You can rest easy with that. Tom Fitton of Judical Watch has the info along with my attorney. Also
@TPC4USA [Steve Baker] (who you all should be following) has permission to receive the info and do whatever he believes is best with that info in the unlikely event I disappear. The man only wants the truth no matter where it leads,” he added.

“Please know that I am fighting for EVERYONE that was aggrieved from the events of J6 and UNITY in our country,” he continued. “I’m not doing this for any financial gain now or in the future but for the reasons I listed above by order of the God I serve. I am a LION and I will protect my cubs. In this case they are EVERYONE in the J6 community as you were set-up and that should not have happened to you even if you did wrong things that day. The police from all 17 agencies that responded to the Capitol to defend it as we should have been more prepared that day. All the people that died on J6 or as a result from that day. All whistleblowers from every agency that put their careers in jeopardy and or lost them because they wanted the truth out and saw what was happening to US citizens because of J6.”

“Thank you for listening and God bless the greatest nation in the world and all the people in it,” he closed.

Johnson has remarkably taken the stance that state narrative critics, such as myself, have taken: January 6 was clearly a set-up.

“ALCON…After you read the article I just posted I want you all to understand something. I know that J6 was a set-up and then an enormous size cover-up ensued after,” he said.

“My goal by releasing information is not to prove that as most of you don’t know me personally and it would be an unfair ask of you to just take my word for it,” he added.

“My purpose here is to present more information/documentation to show the country that a thorough investigation is needed into the conduct of USCP leadership and actions they took before, during, and after J6,” he added. “Some of you know my story and believe the action taken against me by USCP leadership for wearing a MAGA hat on J6 was just no matter the success of de-escalation actions I took while in the US Capitol during the breach.”

“Whether you are a Democratic or Republican. Conservative or Liberal. Trump supporter or Biden supporter. What your eyes and hearts can’t be closed to is the actions taken against a large number of USCP Intel analysts because they decided to blow the whistle on Yogananda Pittman and Julie Farnam for their enormous size failures that led to what occurred on J6,” he said. “These analysts reported them both to the IG and they were crushed by Pittman and newly hired USCP Chief J Thomas Manger after they did it. ALL OF THEM. One even said, and I quote, ‘We were retaliated against unmercifully.’ I will use a quote famously coined by USCP Officer Harry Dunn. ‘Is this America?’”

“I ask for every US citizen to simply ask Congress for a fair and impartial investigation,” Johnson remarked. “I ask this not for myself but for the good of the country to restore faith in our government. God bless you all and have a great weekend.”

The House Administration Oversight subcommittee, led by Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA), reported disappearance of videotapes of witness interviews of depositions conducted by the now-disbanded Jan. 6 congressional committee, which was led by the Democrats, is raising serious issues about the integrity of that J6 committee.

There are now grave doubts about that J6 committee’s activities as an “investigative” body; the signs are increasingly pointing to the conclusion that its role was more like that of a “cover-up” body.

The House Administration Oversight subcommittee, led by Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA), made the astonishing revelation on the “Just the News, No Noise” television show on Thursday night.

“All of the videotapes of all depositions are gone,” he confirmed.

There are more suggestive statements made by lawmakers that point towards a “cover-up.” According to U.S. Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA), there were “at least 200” undercover federal agents among the crowd on January 6. The lawmaker further stated that some of the operatives were “dressed as Trump supporters” and were inside the Capitol prior to the breach.

“The FBI was not just participating in the January 6th acts from within. I suspect they had over 200 agents embedded in the crowd, including agents or, as they would call it, human assets inside the Capitol dressed as Trump supporters before the doors were opened,” Higgins told Newsmax presenter Chris Salcedo.

Agents efficiently entered online chat groups, forums, and social media platforms where demonstrations against COVID regulations and objections to the 2020 election were discussed, according to Higgins.

“And when you track the text threads and the communications within those groups and find the origins of suggestions of potential violence or an active occupation of the Capitol on January 6th, you’ll find that those messages were led by members of the groups that ended up to be the FBI agents that had infiltrated the group,” Higgins said.

“So the FBI’s involvement was deep, not just on J6, but on the days and weeks and months prior.”

Earlier in November, Higgins pressed FBI Director Christopher Wray over the presence of undercover officers on January 6. The FBI chief has continually declined to say how many agents were among the crowd, while former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund has indicated that he was aware of anything between 30 and 40 FBI operatives or DHS personnel.

Higgins asked Wray about two buses that lacked identification, referring to them as “ghost buses,” a phrase used by police enforcement. “These (ghost) buses are nefarious in nature and were filled with FBI informants dressed as Trump supporters, deployed onto our Capitol on Jan. 6,” Higgins said.

Wray did not contradict Higgins’ assertion, but he did claim that no FBI agents were involved in “the violence at the Capitol” on January 6.

Johnson then gave a “final weekend message.”

“Final weekend message: If I am correct and J6 is proven to be a set-up with a concocted plan that was born from within the USCP naming Yogananda Pittman as that person who held back vital Intel Chief Steven A Sund needed to get the assistance of the National Guard in advance,” he said. “We all win.”

“I don’t believe this is common knowledge but Pittman testified under oath that she forwarded this Intel to her Deputies. One deputy chief (Jeffery J Pickett) broke his silence in September of 2021, and stated that Pittman did not give him or any other deputy vital Intel report 21-TD-159 that she had since December of 2020. To this day she has not corrected the record,” he added.

“I believe after a thorough investigation if it is proven Pittman did in fact hold back vital Intel not giving it to Chief Sund or her Deputy Chiefs purposefully or through sheer incompetence the government would make whole the people hurt by her actions before, during, and after J6,” he continued.

“Those people are EVERYONE one the ground that day. Those people are all the whistleblowers from the USCP and FBI (Kyle Seraphin and Steve Friend). Those people are the family members of people that died as a result of J6. Those people are USCP officers forced to work longer hours after mass resignations and retirements because of what occurred on J6,” he went on. “Those people are the ones jailed unjustly or charged more harshly than they should be.”

“To conclude, I have previously stated that Pittman gave (at the very least) misleading information to the DOJ and as the primary law enforcement agency assisting the DOJ with J6 prosecutions…THIS CAN’T HAPPEN. I need you all to know if I win. YOU WIN. When or if it is announced that Congress will investigate the actions of USCP leadership and review ALL information given to the DOJ as it relates to J6 prosecutions,” he remarked. “I will immediately cease and desist speaking about Pittman, Manger, Newell, and Farnam and I will move to the next phase of my life. Wherever it leads. God bless.”

Johnson then addressed a question many have had about testifying before Congress.

“People have asked why I haven’t been allowed to testify before Congress. The attached tweet will explain what I believe the reason is. I’m not focused on any Member of Congress… Politicians politic and Police Officers police. I try to stay in my lane…” he said.

Johnson in March addressed similar questions, and more, on Tucker Carlson’s show in March.

“My voice is one of the first ones you hear on the audio transmission, so I did expect to get an interview sometime, but it didn’t happen.” Johnson told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” about the now-defunct J6 Committee. “I guess the focus was on Donald Trump.”

In regards to one controversy about him wearing a MAGA cap, he noted that he was a Biden supporter, and said that a Trump supporter put the MAGA hat on his head.

As he maneuvered the pro-Trump mob outside, he chose to keep it on for self-preservation. Johnson was placed on indefinite suspension as a result of his actions, and he eventually resigned and lost his pension.

“I couldn’t say what would have happened walking through that crowd without it,” Johnson, a Black man who would have stood out in the mostly white crowd, remarked.

Johnson said he still wonders why the January 6 Committee never called him to testify.

“Since you were there on January 6, what did you think of the job of the January 6 Committee?” Carlson asked.

“I prayed almost daily that they would get to me,” Johnson responded. “I was never asked to testify… I was never asked by anybody connected to the January 6 Committee to testify. I asked myself why every day, and every day I might have a different answer. But, you know, pretty much they focused on Donald Trump and not the failures of the Capitol Police.”

“Why do you think [the protesters] were there?” Carlson continued.

“I think that some people there had planned on being violent, some people may have turned violent after what they were going through,” Johnson said. ‘I think that people wanted to support their president, they wanted to- some of those people wanted just to support him. And some of those people didn’t commit violence and some of those people didn’t plan on it.”

The U.S. media has presented the January 6 riots as an “insurrection” without explaining how the mob of extremists that the FBI and Capitol Police allowed to ‘storm the capitol’ without ample warnings or adequate security were going to help Donald Trump retain power by causing chaos during the Constitutionally authorized election challenges.

If there is any justice, the American people will get a fuller picture of January 6 this week with the help of whistleblowers like former Capitol Police Lieutenant Tarik Johnson.

By Melinda Davies
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Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
7 months ago

It’s about time someone I law enforcement calls that unlawful entrapment for the crime it was, and the associated ongoing crimes, stemming from it! Thanks you, Tarik Johnson

7 months ago

Spit it all out brother, good people are in jail over this! Please.

7 months ago

Everything Wrong With The Capitol Shooting In 21 Minutes Or Less (Wooz News)

The black security man was not charged because he shot a blank!

The video shows the gun was aimed at her midsection, and yet she was …shot in the neck??
No blood spatter on the wall behind Babbitt after she falls.
No blood pool on the floor after she is moved 8 inches.
Fake blood only appears after a man presses her neck and it is very, very, small when she is lifted.

Babbitt was a ‘useful idiot’ likely picked at random to be used in a staged ‘False Flag’ by DNC/FBI crisis actors! Babbitt, if really dead, was killed or died later.
“A body” was cremated 2 days later to cover up the true cause of death and identity! 
Babbitt may be alive under a new identity.

7 months ago

The only disturbances, insurrection and crimes committed at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C, on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021 were planned, staged and carried out by the seditious DNC/FBI/SS/ATF/DC Capitol Police/ANTIFA crisis actors.
…like FBI plant Ray Epps!

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