Every Patient Vaccinated at Clinic Died Suddenly Shortly After

A disturbing new investigation has found that every single person who received a Covid mRNA shot from one clinic died suddenly shortly after vaccination, within the same timeframe.

Former TV host-turned-investigative reporter Liz Gunn tracked down patients who had received Covid vaccinations from the same clinic in New Zealand.

Alarmingly, she traced all 30 patients who were vaccinated by the clinic on the same day and discovered that every single one of them had died around the same time.

Gunn published a video update about the findings and described New Zealand as “a crime scene.”

Liz Gunn (Elizabeth Cooney) became internationally renowned for her support for the family in the Baby W case, where two parents objected to the use of Covid-vaccinated blood in transfusions.

The parents were unsuccessful in their court action to oppose health authorities seeking guardianship to allow surgery to go ahead.

At the end of June 2023, Gunn launched a political party called the New Zealand Loyal Party.

Before the recently held elections, Gunn was contacted by a whistle-blower and given documentation showing that tens of thousands of New Zealanders’ deaths are linked to the injections.

“This is just one of the sites recording this type of information in New Zealand,” she said.

“We don’t know how many further databases like this are in the country,” she added.

She explained that because the number of deaths is usually less than the number of those suffering from ill effects of the injections, then the extrapolation of the numbers that have been injured and killed “starts to become, frankly, eye-watering.”

The data shows that there are clusters of deaths.

“People who attended the same jab site, and were jabbed one after the other, at consecutive times on the same day,” Gunn said.

“We saw their jab date and we saw their date of death.”

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She gave one of many examples to illustrate the point.

“On one day, 30 people were jabbed on the same day, at the same location,” she said.

“All are now deceased.

“And their deaths are in close temporal, time, proximity to each other.”

“We are calling for an inquiry.

“Not just any inquiry.

“A full-blown criminal investigation leaving no stone unturned.

“New Zealand is a crime scene.”


By Hunter Fielding
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6 months ago

Deepstate hiddy hole!

They must clear the common man from it’s shores, except for 500 or so servents!

6 months ago
Reply to  john

The ‘Killing of innocent people is Planned, as the WEF/Elitists/Globalists who push that DEPOPULATION THEME SEE THEMSELVES AS THE ‘NEW WORLD RULING CLASS’….These are “Crimes Against Humanity, and ANY person who pushes this should charged with the Death Penalty Themselves

We in America have John Clod Kerry, the “Fake Climate Czar speaking and promoting this Killing of those he deems ‘eligible for death, so that he and his ilk, can become the World’s Ruling Class, as they use ‘Climate Change Hoax as “THEIR SLUSH FUND” for those like him, Bill Gates, etal. who ARE PERMITTED TO LIVE!”…Kcuf them ALL, and charge these murderers!

Claire Chambers
Claire Chambers
6 months ago

This is absolutely shocking. Is it true that there were only 30 people vaccinated that day, at that clinic? If so it could be stated that 100% of those vaccinated on that day at that clinic died afterwards, and all died within that same time frame of…. days. Also, the first paragraph has one typo, and could helpfully be rephrased to give the intended meaning more accurately. It reads: “A disturbing new investigation has found that every single potential who received a Covid mRNA shot from one clinic died suddenly shortly after vaccination, within the same timeframe.” I suggest that this is rephrased to state that this is on one day only, and that it was every single “person”, or “patient”, and the word “potential” is removed. The way it is written actually means that every person who was vaccinated at that clinic. over the entire time it was open, died afterwards – not just those vaccinated on one day. It is critical this information is correctly stated so that it is not dismissed by those who should take it seriously. Clearly that batch of vaccine or something else that happened that day in that clinic seems to have been a problem, if every patient visiting that day to be vaccinated died afterwards.

William G Munson
William G Munson
6 months ago

Well we know they wanting to Killed us and as many as they can get by with and from what I understand you can not Sue them it is sad and they want to keep mandating the Shots too

Graham Booker
Graham Booker
6 months ago

We have one Politician in the UK fighting the same thing. After 20 attempts he secured a debate on Friday (last) in the afternoon. I think there were 12 MPs turned up out of 650, some of them had to be there or they wouldn’t have attended. That’s how interested they are in the people they apparently serve.

6 months ago

This ties into the “bad batch” data where most injuries are linked to specific batches. In my opinion, the “bad” batches are actually ones were the mrna did not deteriorate. We know that the produt is not very stable with -70C storage or whatever it was. There are strong indications that the quality and stability of the Pfizer/ BNT vaccines, especially, was very poor. The 30 people in NZ obviously got a bad batch (full mrna load). It would be useful to confirm this…….

6 months ago

So sad. Vaccinated family members, friends,acquaintances,staff are all sick & or dying. The pure bloods are doing just fine because our immune systems have not been compromised. The Gates/WEF/Fauci NWO Jew Jab/Kike Spike/Clot shot doing exactly what it was designed to do. KILL

6 months ago

So, let’s THINK now…

What do these facts, in conjunction with tons of similar evidence, mean really?

What does it squarely point to?

What is the TRUE FINAL implication of all that, which is not mentioned here (or elsewhere typically by the alleged “truth-tellers”)?

ACTIVE resistance against the criminal establishments around the world will greatly increase the sooner someone TRULY understands that the ruling cabal and their minions (in governments, the UN, the WHO, big corporations, big banks, big media, big science, big religions, etc), anywhere around the globe, are PSYCHOPATHS — the evidence is OVERWHELMINGLY ROBUST:
The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room: Humans’ Invisibilized Soullessness Spectrum Disorder

 “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” — Martin Luther King Jr, 1929-1968, Civil Rights Activist

And psychopaths are typically NOT how Hollywood propaganda movies have showcased them. And therefore one better RE-learns what a psychopath REALLY is. You’ll then know why they exploit/harm everyone, why they want to control everyone and have been creating a new world order/global dictatorship, and many other formerly puzzling things will become very clear.

“We’ll know our Disinformation Program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” —William Casey, a former CIA director=a leading psychopathic criminal of the genocidal US regime

“2 weeks to flatten the curve has turned into…3 shots to feed your family!” — Unknown

If you have been injected with Covid jabs/bioweapons and are concerned, then verify what batch number you were injected with

 “… doctors and scientists are now on the same lever of public confidence as the scum living in the swamp.” — Unknown in 2022

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