Europe Secretly Preparing for Coming Global Famine

The governments of European Union (EU) nations have been secretly preparing for a coming global famine.

As of right now, EU governments have begun conducting major food crisis war games simulations that predict serious food supply and logistics problems as soon as this year going into next year.

The continent is preparing for a food supply that doesn’t include meat or dairy products as officials expect the farming industry to soon be eliminated.

Besides the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on grain supplies, weather events like El Niño and La Niña and their impact on Latin American soy production are part of the simulations.

The farmer-tractor protests across Europe are also included in the simulation mix.

Another major component of the EU’s food crisis war games is the impact that a major pandemic, real or otherwise, can have on supply chains, i.e., what the world endured as a result of the COVID-19 “pandemic.”

Last month in Brussels, a conference was held that envisioned a serious food shortage crisis in Europe this year.

Some 60 EU and government officials, food security experts, and industry representatives converged for two days to confront the very real possibility of a major food crisis event unfolding in a matter of months.

“Expect a level of chaos,” warned Piotr Magnuszewski, a systems modeler and games developer who contributed to the gaming scenario component of the conference.

“You may be confused at times and not have enough information.”

Europe used to be the best-fed continent on earth

To hear Europe and the food crisis in the same sentence may come as a surprise to many, especially those who remember the good old days when Europe was the most prosperous and well-fed continent on earth.

Things have obviously changed in recent years especially as the globalists who control the EU have set Europe down a dark and ugly path of collapse, including the collapse of its continental food supply.

For the food crisis simulation, the idea of “harvest failures” as soon as 2025 is presented as a possible real-life issue, starting in the coming months.

Animal feed prices soar, livestock and fish production tumbles, and what little food remains is shipped overseas to the “highest bidders elsewhere.”

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Palm oil exports are cut dramatically, leaving just fake butter margarine and low-quality bread for Europeans to eat.

“Allegations of corporate greed, disinformation, and conspiracy theories are spreading,” the simulation poses as what it expects to occur.

“The cost of fertilizers and energy needed to grow crops and keep glasshouses running soared in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” it continues, blaming much of the crisis on Russia, as usual.

As 2025 continues, the situation worsens as desperate people start robbing supermarkets, and very little police presence is on-site to stop them.

Germans living in Europe’s former economic powerhouse can no longer find fish or meat at grocery stores and the livestock industry collapses entirely.

“Meanwhile, the public’s focus shifts to profiteering by commodity traders,” the simulation continues, warning that people are eventually going to catch on to the fact that Wall Street greed and private central banking are largely the culprits of this full-scale collapse.

“Small farms fall like dominos, while attacks on immigrants begin to become more widespread. Is the EU a sinking ship?” someone asks in a video portion of the simulation.

Of course, the aftermath of the simulation presents ideas for how to stop or at least minimize the fallout from all this, one of the major ideas being that people need to shift away from eating meat and other “climate-polluting” things now so the shortages will feel less impactful later.

The globalists plan to replace meat and dairy with lab-grown “beef,” synthetic “butter” and “milk,” and insect-based “foods.”

By Hunter Fielding
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1 month ago

Why do we assume Klaus Schwab and the WEF Wackadoodles will succeed in their plan to destroy humanity? What do EU Countries know…that our “Govmint” won’t tell us?
These 2nd generation Nazis must be dealt with!
If I, an individual, posted my intent to kill most of humanity, destroy the food supply, limit populations and rule over the remaining people as slaves…I would be behind bars! I’d be labeled a nutty terrorist. I WOULD BE STOPPED!
So, instead it’s a group of megalomaniac
fat-cats, with that age-old fantasy of ruling the world! Who is stopping them? Obviously, it ain’t the EU, who are apparently prepared to humble themselves to this insane new ruling class!
Donald Trump will have a loaded plate when he takes office in 2025. He must prioritize ending Schwab’s Hitler fantasy, and trying all those involved for their crimes against humanity! They conceived of, and implemented COVID. They daily tell us their plans to eliminate us!
Nuremberg 2.0, President Trump?

1 month ago
Reply to  ;^)

You are completely on target about this WEF elimination plan. Hitler would have been proud of them but they are thankfully, only human and their time will be up in a few years. I believe, given the pitiful group of politicians manipulating us, Donald Trump is about the only sane voice who has the courage and strength to lead us. He does have vision and he is a fighter. By the polls, voters appear to be favoring him in growing numbers. In the case of these wretched elites, I favor elimination of all of them who subscribe to and are involved in the devolution of the rest of us.

1 month ago

There is no shortage of any kind of food in Europe at the moment. There is too much of everything if you ask me.

Harold Hawken
Harold Hawken
1 month ago

What’s the chance of a global dirtbag such as Klaus Schwab eating insects?
Also … a conference in Brussels to discuss a food shortage? The country that decided to eliminate farming?
This is a planed genocide

1 month ago

Video simulation: your words….

“Small farms fall like dominos, while attacks on immigrants begin to become more widespread.”

Attacks on immigrants?! What are you saying. It’s the other way around. The immigrants that are too fucking lazy to fix their own countries, and have bread themselves into rampant poverty are the attackers. Lazy ass people, they don’t care about where they live as long as it’s free….The people responsible for the simulation are pro immigrant….they show no active ways to reverse this. They want it to happen…


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