Elon Musk Questions Legality of Gavin Newsom’s Appointment of Maryland Resident to Senate after Feinstein’s Passing

Recently U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) passed away.

Radical left-wing Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) has been tasked with appointing a replacement for the seat that outgoing censured lame-duck U.S. House Rep. Adam Schiff is vying for.

Newsom previously promised the woke hive mind virus mob a black woman according to sources.

There’s nothing wrong with a Black woman running for office of course, until Democrats bypass the most qualified for the job portion first.

Tesla and X CEO responded to some tweets by Not the Bee wondering if Butler’s recent Maryland residency affects the legality of this whole situation. Not the Bee reported:

“California’s new senator lives in Maryland but she’s a black lesbian abortion activist so Gavin Newsom picked her”. Musk replied:

“Does she really live in Maryland? I didn’t realize you could be senator of a state but reside in another state.”



Not the Bee X posted more details:

“No Person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty Years, and been nine Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State for which he shall be chosen.” It all depends on what “Inhabitant” means

There are also separate rules for appointments. Unclear if it overrides any of the other requirements for the Senate, such as residency and age, etc., but I can’t imagine that it would. Here’s a doc that outlines the appointment process in more detail:”



CNN reported that Butler moved to Maryland in 2021 around the time she was chosen to lead EMILY’s List, public records show. She was registered to vote in Maryland in 2022, according to public records, but Newsom’s office said Monday, in response to questions about Butler’s residency, that she has re-registered to vote in California.

Schiff’s plans to run for this seat may be in chaos. Butler has not been told she can’t run for the seat in the next cycle now. Schiff of course, has to play along nonetheless:

“With the passing of Senator Feinstein — a giant of the Senate and a trailblazer — I’m glad the Governor acted quickly. I want to offer my congratulations to Laphonza Butler on her appointment. I look forward to working closely with her to get things done for California.”



Many feel Newsom wants to run for president, either in 2024 or maybe in 2028 if Biden holds up. Time will tell what the political future will look like for Newsom, Schiff, Butler, and the rest of the woke Democrat mob.

Some think Newsom would not do well on a run for president because:

Newsom is a polarizing figure, even within his own party. He is known for his liberal policies and his willingness to clash with Republicans. These qualities would make him a difficult candidate to unite the Democratic Party behind.

In addition, Newsom’s record as governor of California has been mixed. The state is facing a number of serious problems, including crime, homelessness, and high taxes. Newsom has been criticized for his handling of these issues.

Conservatives believe that Newsom would be a weak candidate in a general election. They point to his high disapproval ratings in California and his association with a state that is often seen as a symbol of liberal excess.

Of course, it is possible that Newsom could overcome these challenges and become a viable presidential candidate. He is a charismatic and well-connected politician. He also has a deep understanding of how to win elections in California.

However, right-leaning observers believe that the odds are against Newsom. He would need to make significant changes to his image and his policies in order to appeal to a broader range of voters.

Here are some specific reasons why right-leaning observers believe that Newsom would be a weak presidential candidate:

  • His association with a state that is often seen as a symbol of liberal excess. California is known for its high taxes, its high crime rate, and its homelessness problem. These are all issues that are unpopular with many voters.
  • His liberal policies. Newsom supports a number of policies that are popular with Democrats but unpopular with Republicans, such as abortion rights, gun control, and environmental regulations. This would make it difficult for him to unite the Democratic Party behind him, and it would alienate many swing voters.

Overall, right-leaning observers believe that Gavin Newsom would be a weak presidential candidate.

He would need to make significant changes to his image and his policies in order to appeal to a broader range of voters.

By Liam Donovan
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