Democrat Drops House Re-election Bid to Focus on Defeating Biden

Dean Phillips (D-MN) announced that he will not run for re-election to Congress in order to focus on defeating President Biden in the Democratic presidential primary in 2024.

Phillips, who has served as the representative for Minnesota’s Third Congressional District since 2019, announced his resignation in a press statement issued on Friday. The Minnesota Democrat remarked that he entered politics to provide a “optimistic approach to American politics,” yet he is now conceding that it is time to “pass the torch.”

“America has endured for a remarkable 246 years as the longest-lasting democratic republic in the world, but we are facing a crisis of cooperation, common sense, and truth. Civility matters, respect matters, listening matters, and effective governance matters,” Phillips wrote. “No party has a monopoly on solutions, and we must stop fighting one another and begin fighting for one another – before it is too late.”

“To my amazing community, the most engaged in the entire nation, you have made this the most joyful job I’ve ever had. I always say that representation begins with listening, and your diverse and respectful voices represent the very best of America. I know my successor will serve you with invitation, integrity, and fortitude – because you will demand it – and all Americans deserve it,” he continued.

“To my extraordinary staff, past and present, you are among the best, brightest, and most principled individuals with whom I’ve ever worked in any capacity,” he added. “Minnesota and the nation are in good hands, Congress is better for your service, and our country joins me in celebrating you.”

“The future is very bright, as long as we have the courage and make the choice to seek it. Keep the faith!” he said.

Phillips has been calling on President Biden to “pass the torch” himself for months, citing dropping poll numbers and worries about the president’s age. After Democratic governors rebuffed Phillips’ invitations to run, he took matters into his own hands and filed for the Democratic primary in New Hampshire last month.

Phillips is seeking to take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime chance in New Hampshire as a result of a conflict between the Biden Campaign and the Democratic National Committee on one side and the New Hampshire Democratic Party on the other. The Biden team successfully petitioned the DNC to change the primary process to begin with South Carolina, claiming increasing “racial diversity” in the state.

Because New Hampshire Democrats chose not to change the procedure, the president was not on the ballot. Despite this, Biden supporters have expressed confidence in their potential to win the primary and have begun a write-in campaign on his behalf.

According to the press release, Phillips has done multiple campaign rallies in the Granite State since announcing his longshot presidential run and will continue to do so.

By Melinda Davies
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