Dan Bongino Shreds Hillary Clinton after She Tweets Anti-Trump Celebration Jab

Hillary Clinton is once again trying to make money off of former President Trump. She is again slinging hats mocking the 2024 candidate for president.

Clinton tweeted, “Bringing this back in light of recent news: Get a limited-edition But Her Emails hat and support @onwardtogether groups working to strengthen our democracy.”

Dan Bongino responded to her nasty tweet with, “Show absolutely no legal mercy moving forward. Because this is the result. I worked with this tyrant, and I can tell you with absolute confidence that’s she’s a wretched human being with no soul whatsoever. She knows about her wretched husband too. And the flights.”

As many on the left celebrate the DOJ’s indictment of former President Donald Trump, much of middle America is unsettled by the actions being taken against the former president.

Clinton originally released the hats to troll Trump on “Galentines Day” in 2022 and with nothing new, she has brought the hat back once again.

Trump shattered Clinton’s hopes of becoming president in 2016, something she had been gunning for since she left the White House as a first lady. She was unsuccessful in achieving the Democrat nomination in 2008 and instead settled for the Secretary of State position within the Obama administration.

When it was down to Trump vs. Clinton in the 2016 presidential race Clinton felt the rug was pulled out from under her on election night when it was announced she was not the winner.

The Clinton campaign was linked to the Steele dossier that was used by the FBI to justify an investigation into the Trump campaign for alleged Trump-Russia collusion. With this, she still failed at securing the presidency and has come off as bitter about the loss.

Clinton’s smug attitude goes along with the attitude of those suffering from Trump derangement syndrome.

By Hunter Fielding
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