BREAKING UPDATE: New Explosive Evidence Shows Fani Willis Warned Her Lover’s Lawyer to Be Quiet About Their Affair

Fani Willis is finished!

Another witness has stepped forward with shocking revelations about Fani Willis’ scandalous relationship with Nathan Wade, the top prosecutor she enlisted to pursue Trump.

In a recent court filing, Dave Shafer, Trump RICO co-defendant claims that Cobb County Georgia prosecutor Cindi Lee Yeager overheard Fani Willis instructing her lover’s attorney Terrence Bradley to keep quiet about her affair.

Yeager is prepared to testify under oath regarding the commencement of Fani Willis’s relationship with Nathan Wade.

“From in or around August of 2023 through January of 2024, Ms. Yeager had numerous, in-person and other conversations with attorney Terrence Bradley in which information relating to District Attorney Willis and Mr. Wade was discussed,” the court filing says.

“Mr. Wade had definitively begun a romantic relationship with Ms. Willis during the time that Ms. Willis was running for District Attorney in 2019 through 2020,” the filing said.

Yeager’s testimony aligns with witness Robin Yeartie’s claim that Fani Willis’ romantic involvement with Wade started before 2021.

“They are coming after us. You don’t need to talk to them about anything about us,” Fani Willis allegedly told Terrence Bradley in a September 2023 phone call.

Terrence Bradley was visibly nervous on the witness stand last month as he faced intense questioning about Nathan Wade’s romantic involvement with Fani Willis.

He refused to disclose the specific timeframe when Nathan Wade confided in him about dating Fani Willis.

Recall that Bradley had previously hinted that he knew the Fani-Wade romance started before 2022. However, during last month’s testimony, he suddenly claimed to have no recollection of anything.

Both Fani Willis and Nathan Wade testified that their romantic involvement started in 2022, following Willis’s hiring of Wade in November 2021.

They both misled the court.

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Cell phone data indicates that Wade visited the “Yeartie condo,” where Willis was living, before his hiring in November 2021.

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By Hunter Fielding
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