American Actress Sara Ramirez Claims Both the United States and Palestine ‘Colonized by Violent Colonial Settler Project’

Actress Sara Ramirez, recently removed from the cast of the upcoming season of the Sex in the City reboot, made controversial remarks during Saturday’s March4Gaza event, accusing both Israel and the United States of being colonized by what she described as a “violent, colonial, settler project.”

The actor, originally from Mexico and known for their role in “Madame Secretary,” publicly identified as “non-binary” in 2020. She was present at the rain-soaked March4Gaza event in San Francisco on Saturday, March 2, where she categorized both the USA and Israel as “colonial oppressors” during her speech from the podium.

“The veils have been lifted,” she said during one segment of her address, “and more and more people are waking up to the realities of violent, colonial, settler project that is the United States of America and understand its connection to the violent, colonial, settler project that is the state of Israel, the genocide in Palestine, the Congo, Sudan, Haiti, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and beyond.”

Ramirez, aged 48, has consistently expressed support for the Hamas-led Palestinian movement on social media, sharing multiple posts in support.

Recently, Ramirez’s character was cut from season three of the Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That.

She stated that she was fired because of her outspoken support for Palestine and her anti-American views, as reported by the New York Daily News.

“Our industry is so duplicitous,” Ramirez wrote in a Jan. 16 Instagram post. “While they give awards away, casting directors and agents are making blacklists of actors and workers who post anything in support of Palestinians in Gaza to ensure they will not work again.”

The series has not provided an official explanation for the character’s removal. However, a source from within the series suggested that the character was written off because it had run its course and “brought nothing to the show anymore.”

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By Hunter Fielding
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