BREAKING: New Video Shows Saudi Official Plotting 9/11 Attacks in Washington DC Before Tragedy – FBI Kept Video Hidden for Over 20 Years

Chris Cuomo played a video on Friday night that shows a Saudi official allegedly planning the 9/11 attacks, which resulted in the deaths of 3,000 Americans.

The video aired on News Nation and shows a Saudi official plotting the attack in Washington DC.


Chris Cuomo:

There’s a story that’s out right now that you have not been smothered with today. The more I think about it, it has been eating at me all day about how blanked up this is.

We all remember 9/11. I guess we remember. Maybe we don’t? Maybe we don’t. Maybe time does heal all wounds unless you were directly affected, like the families who are forever scarred and the families of the first responders, etc.

But this CBS video, well, it’s CBS just got a video that supports an allegation that was made in a lawsuit by the 9/11 families that it wasn’t just about Osama bin Laden, not just Al Qaeda. This guy is a Saudi official, and that the Saudi government was involved.

Now, is this the first time we’ve ever heard this? No, but we’ve never given a damn. That’s the part that just finally slapped me today as someone who supposedly cares about what happened that day because I lost so many people I knew and we would never forget, and all these things.

In the CBS video, Omar al-Bayoui, identified by the FBI as a Saudi operative, is shown surveilling the US Capitol in Washington DC. This location was reportedly the intended target of the Flight 93 operation on 9/11, which was thwarted by courageous American passengers.

The video was found by British police during a raid on Bayoumi’s UK apartment days after the 9-11 attacks.

The film is only coming out now. Why the delay? It’s been more than 20 years since the tragic attacks!

More information from The Washington Examiner:

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British police found the video during a raid on Bayoumi’s U.K. apartment in the days after 9/11. They also seized Bayoumi’s hand-written address book that the lawyers for the 9/11 families say was filled with phone numbers of numerous senior Saudi officials who were in the government at the time.

When Bayoumi recorded the Washington video, he was often with two Saudi diplomats who the FBI says had “ties to al Qaeda,” a finding the Saudi government disputes.

Retired FBI agent Ken Williams led the 9/11 investigation in Phoenix, where one of the hijackers attended flight school. He believes the Bayoumi video “ranks right at the top of the pile” of evidence. Williams strongly disagrees with the Saudi government’s stance that the video was one Bayoumi took as a tourist.

The British police are believed to have turned over the video to the FBI shortly after 9/11, which raises the question: why, after more than 20 years, is it just now surfacing?

“If that was missed then shame on us for missing it,” Williams, who is also a consultant on the case filed by the 9/11 families, said. “If it wasn’t missed, then I would have to ask the question: What was done with it?”


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By Hunter Fielding
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1 month ago

Was there EVER a time when government actually served the people, or has it always been a facade?
Hiding truths such as this is a horrible breach of trust! Government agencies are self-serving, and have been rogue for how long? Too long! We have been asleep while forces have joined against us.
Whatever happened to Truth, Justice and the American way?
Without TRUTH, the rest is an illusion.

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