Bill Maher Unloads on America’s Woke Education System: ‘Don’t Go to College’

“And finally, new rule. As an Ivy League graduate who knows the value of a liberal education, I have one piece of advice for the youth of America: Don’t go to college,” he began.

“And if you absolutely have to go, don’t go to an elite college. Because as recent events have shown, it just makes you stupid,” he continued, just warming up.

“There are few, if any, positives to come out of what happened in Israel, but one of them is opening America’s eyes to how higher education has become indoctrination into a stew of bad ideas. Among them, the simplistic notion that the world is a binary place where everyone is either an oppressor or oppressed,” he added.

“In the case of Israel, oppressors being babies and babas,” he ironically remarked. “The same students who will tell you that words or violence and silence is violence were very supportive when Hamas terrorists went on a rape and murder rampage worthy of the Vikings,” he said.

“They knew where to point the fingers — at the murdered, and then it was off to ethics class,” he quipped.

“Now, I recognize that a certain amount of foolishness is expected of college kids, but mixing Jägermeister and tomato juice isn’t the same as siding with terrorists,” he joked darkly.

“34 student groups at Harvard signed a letter that said the ‘apartheid regime’ is the only one to blame,” he went on. “Proving they don’t know what constitutes ‘apartheid.’ They don’t know much of anything, actually, but it doesn’t deter them from having an opinion.”

“They’ve convinced themselves Israel is the most repressive regime in history because they have no knowledge of history or even a desire to know it,” he continued. “An actual history doesn’t come up in their Intersectionality of Politics and Genderqueer Identities class.”

“Now, to be fair, at least five of the student groups have rescinded what they signed saying they didn’t read the letter closely, and they promised not to make that mistake again after they graduated and start running the world,” he jested.

Maher hammered home many critical and thought-provoking points in his extended monologue.

“If ignorance is a disease, Harvard is the Wuhan wet market,” he joked at one point.

And one of the most cutting remarks: “Elite schools should no longer be called elite. Just say expensive.”

The whole monologue is well worth watching.

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By Melinda Davies
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6 months ago

“The whole monologue is well worth watching.”
Is there a link to the monologue? Can’t find one in the article.

6 months ago

Benn saying that since i was 17!!!

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