Baltimore Bridge Destruction Confirmed as Inside Job

Several leading experts have concluded that the recent destruction of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge was an inside job.

The bridge was the second busiest infrastructure corridor in the United States before it was absolutely destroyed.

It has now been incapacitated for 5 to 6 years.

However, it has now been found not to be the awful “accident” that the corporate media immediately reported that it was.

This could easily be a financial and economic act of war, but the enemy may not even be outside the borders of our Republic.

It’s not a conventional war, with tanks, bombs, and missiles.

This is part of a larger war being waged by pharma and globalists, using dirty medicine and stealthy supply chain chaos.

Watch the video footage of the ship, during the last minute or two, as it somehow swiftly turns about 30 percent directly toward one of only two load-bearing pylons near the end of each side of the bridge, bringing the entire bridge down on purpose.


All of the mainstream media immediately reported the exact same scripted news, saying it was clearly an accident and NOT some kind of terrorist attack.

How could they all know this already?

No investigation required – mass media (fake news) already solved the case in less than 10 hours of the container ship destroying the Baltimore Bridge – “accident”

There had been no investigation at all, since the ship crashed into the bridge not long after midnight, and all the fake news began their coverage (pardon the pun) by the time the morning newspapers were printed, for the morning news commuters to gobble up.

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How convenient that our mass media industrial complex solves these cases for the FBI, CIA, DHS, ATF, Coast Guard, Navy, and every other government-run entity.

Nothing more to see here folks.

Just a couple guys mis-steering a boat into a bridge (that was conveniently cleared in the last 3 minutes by police who got radio calls that the ship was heading for the bridge, even though the ship made the big turn in the last minute or two – Hint, hint)

Top 5 reasons the Baltimore Bridge destruction was likely an inside job rather than an “accidental crash” or “cyber attack”

  1. Mainstream media immediately worked in tandem to call it an accident across all fake new media, including internet print, radio, and television news.
  2. This bridge destruction cripples the supply of gasoline-powered vehicles for years to come, fueling the communist installation of government-controlled electric vehicles for the fake “climate change” agenda.
  3. The port was a major thoroughfare for fuels that keep the U.S. economy functional, which the Biden Regime wants to cripple for more control of the population.
  4. This is a huge hit to U.S. infrastructure, just like burning down food production facilities, fertilizer plants and other resource structures needed to feed the populace.
  5. This is just another brick in the wall for cementing the communist overthrow of the Republic, so expect many more bridges and tunnels to be “accidentally” destroyed by the Biden Regime soon.

Realize that this is bigger than just a container ship crashing into a bridge.

This destroys a major hazardous materials supply chain mega-port.

This cripples the supply of refined fuels.

This incapacitates a huge supply line for propane gas.

This cuts off a major artery of delivery of diesel fuel, nitrogen, flammable supplies, and chemicals.

Also, be aware that oversized containers cannot go through the tunnels.

The American food supply chain also will take a huge hit, meaning inflation on food should be expected to skyrocket within months.

This is a major blow to the basic staple diet for the U.S. economy to function for the next 4 to 5 years.

Sure, a cyber attack on ship navigation systems is possible, and if that’s the case, the media was most likely ordered to cover it up to protect Biden’s election.

This is just the “tip of the iceberg” folks.

Get ready for many more ports, bridges, tunnels, and other key infrastructure in America to suffer from crazy, non-planned, intricately impossible “accidents” like this one.

The food supply must be destroyed in order to usher in the “Great Reset” agenda of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

At this point, you have to be a conspiracy theorist to WATCH the nightly national news on television and believe anything they say.

By Hunter Fielding
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3 months ago

Key infrastructure bridges such as this bridge should have large concrete abutments surrounding the support pillars to protect them from damage.

Old Git
Old Git
3 months ago

No matter what you believe, the ruder was turned, it was turned by someone on the control bridge of the ship.
Some will say it was an accident that it was turned when the power was lost. But why would someone turn a rudder when the ship was within the channel and going straight? There was no danger of anything happening other than the ship slowing down.
The rudder had to be turned intentionally, it may not have responded immediately but it was turned intentionally.
The ship began the rapid turn to starboard 96 seconds before imact. The crew dropped the port anchor hoping to pull the ship away from the bridge pier. I believe the black smoke was the engines, when they gained power again, running in full reverse. The crew and pilots were trying to prevent the collision, everyone of them but one, the person that turned the rudder and caused the power loss.

Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
3 months ago

Okay, 1st there is an investigation underway already,and 1 cause in the cascade has been identified by the USCG : contaminated fuel. 2nd,it wss reported this morning there is 1channel open and operating, with 2 more coming along, in the next several days, so the port is NOT “incapacitated”. Whether, or not, the fuel contamination was intentional, and/or affected other vessels has not yet been determined. I have been saying all along it’s best to let the investigators FIND what did happen, rather than fly off into all these paranoid and hare-brained imaginings. Contaminated fuel is a problem commercial transportation has grappled with for decades. It HAPPENS, and when it does, it causes engine trouble, including full shutdowns.

Cary oke
Cary oke
3 months ago

The collapse was caused by the ship dropping its anchor which caused the ship to pivot into a bridge support column. Had they not dropped the anchor the ship would have passed under the bridge span.

3 months ago
Reply to  Cary oke

math geniuses and computer models would/will prove you a puff of troll breath

i “saw” a saboteur locked into the helm just like all 4 “9/11” jets

3 months ago

this definitely is a “9/11” attack… i’m not implying religious reasons, i’m saying that whoever planned this, they had the mind of a psychotic killer (just like him who is long dead and forgotten)

3 months ago

There will be no investigation as Biden said we will rebuild it without one

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