Australia: Police’s “Unjustified Violence” at COVID Lockdown Protests Criticized by Judge

In a shocking decision, a judge has ruled that Victoria Police used “unlawful” and “unjustified violence” on anti-lockdown protesters during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ruling came after a protest in Melbourne on May 29, 2021, where more than a dozen protesters were arrested for offenses such as assault and breaching health officer’s directions.

The judge stated that the arrests were unlawful and that the police had instigated the violent response. The police officers involved were accused of using unnecessary force and violence. The judge also criticized the police for not using alternative options to deal with the protesters and for not informing them of their arrest before confronting and attacking them.

The Victoria Police declined to comment on the cases, and the Victoria Office of Public Prosecutions has been contacted for comment. Overall, the ruling highlights concerns about police behavior during the strict lockdown conditions in Victoria.

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By Kate Stephenson
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