Airlines to Hire People with ‘Severe Mental Disabilities’ to Manage Safety to Comply with Woke DEI Quotas

People with “severe mental disabilities” are being hired to manage air travel safety in order for airlines to meet woke diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) quotas.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been criticized for its latest diversity and inclusion hiring initiative.

The FAA is implementing a diversity and inclusion hiring initiative that specifically targets individuals with disabilities, including “severe intellectual” disabilities, psychiatric disorders, and other physical conditions.

According to the FAA, targeted disabilities are those disabilities that the federal government, as a matter of policy, has identified for special emphasis in recruitment and hiring.

The targeted disabilities are:

  • Hearing (total deafness in both ears)
  • Vision (Blind)
  • Missing Extremities
  • Partial Paralysis
  • Complete Paralysis, Epilepsy
  • Severe intellectual disability
  • Psychiatric disability
  • Dwarfism

This initiative falls under the umbrella of the Department of Transportation, overseen by Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

The FAA, a pivotal government agency responsible for regulating civil aviation, employs approximately 45,000 individuals, according to FOX News.

The timing of this initiative is noteworthy, particularly given the recent scrutiny faced by the FAA and the airline industry following a malfunctioning incident involving a Boeing 737 Max 9 during an Alaska Airlines flight.

A deactivated emergency door used as a regular cabin window blew out at 16,000 feet. Six crew members and 171 passengers were aboard the jet.

An X/Twitter user discovered a recording of the female pilot frantically calling air traffic control after the plane section blew out.

The audio is quite chilling.

It should be noted that the CFO of Alaska Airlines has voiced support for implementing a “Neo-Marxist strategy” of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

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Public figures, including Elon Musk, have weighed in on the matter, suggesting a potential conflict between DEI initiatives and airline safety.

Musk, in a statement on his X platform, wrote, “It will take an airplane crashing and killing hundreds of people for them to change this crazy policy of DIE,” rephrasing DEI.

In another post, Musk wrote, “Do you want to fly in an airplane where they prioritized DEI hiring over your safety?

“That is actually happening.”

He added, “People will die due to DEI.”

By Hunter Fielding
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1 month ago

Discouraging people from flying is part of the great reset. no matter how many people have to die to stop the flights.

1 month ago

That started when the “dept. Of homoland security” was Commisioned by the corpoRATion USAinc.!

So this is old news.

1 month ago

Let’s hire the blind to operate our Nuclear Power Plants! Drag Queens on poles, repairing power lines. Let your imagination run wild. Sure. Disability supersede abilities. I believe we passed the Rubicon, since obviously our government is staffed by mentally disabled “authorities!”
All this time I just thought Kamala was just quiet.
Is EVERYBODY insane?
Just fill out an application.

Bob Billington
Bob Billington
1 month ago

A a disabled person myself (paraplegic wheelchair user), I have to say this is madness!!

Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
1 month ago

They have lost their FREAKING MINDS! SMIs, and severely retarded persons are no more capable of such tasks than your average field mouse. All that will accomplish is the destruction of air travel and freight, with catastrophic crashes rising astronomically. It will also destroy, emotionally, those capable of connecting that their errors have led to those deaths and crashes.

1 month ago

So, they”re out to destroy the commercial airline industry now eh? Wonder if those piloting the elite jackasses planes will be of that same caliber? Hmmm…. Since their goal is to keep their status and make the rest of us slaves, doubt it. Everything will be strictly two-tiered.

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