Adam Schiff Implies Jim Jordan Will Help Donald Trump Steal the 2024 Election if he Becomes Speaker

Outgoing lame duck U.S. House Rep Adam Schiff (D-CA) implied on X Tuesday that if Jim Jordan (R-OH) were to be elected as Speaker of the House he would somehow interfere with the 2024 election results. He went on to call Republicans irresponsible for bringing Jordan up for a vote.

“Today, Republicans may make Jim Jordan the Speaker. Jordan would preside over the counting of electoral votes in the next election. After he was deeply involved in trying to overturn the last one. Just when you think they can’t be more irresponsible, they prove you wrong.”

With raging “Trump derangment syndrome”, Schiff makes everything about former President Donald Trump. Schiff tried his darndest to get rid of Trump as soon as he could, leading the first impeachment against the former president.

Schiff has constantly claimed that he had seen the evidence that now cannot be produced in the “Russia Hoax” and still hasn’t stopped.

With Trump beating all other Republicans in polling as well as Biden in some, Schiff is nervous that Trump may make it back into The White House.

Schiff is using this information to once again campaign against Trump as he attempts to take the late Dianne Feinstein’s Senate seat instead of on what he has done for Californians and America.

The first House vote today did not procure Jordan the Speaker position. U.S. House Congressmen are on standby as deals are made and some are “whipped” into aligning with the rest of the Republicans behind Jordan.

We will see what happens next as the House continues on without a Speaker.

By Liam Donovan
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9 months ago

Thats Funny schiff!

The dimwitacrats are the ones who steal elections. FACT!

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