Actress Suzanne Somers has Passed Away at Age 76

Actress Suzanne Somers has passed away.

Suzanne Somers, the actress, author, and entrepreneur who rose to fame as Chrissy Snow on the hit sitcom Three’s Company, died on October 15, 2023, at the age of 76, after a tough battle with cancer.

Somers was born Suzanne Marie Mahoney in San Bruno, California, on October 16, 1946.

She began her career as a model and actress, appearing in small roles on television shows such as American Graffiti, and Lotsa Luck.

In 1975, she landed her breakthrough role as Chrissy Snow on Three’s Company.

The show was a huge success, and Somers quickly became one of the most popular actresses on television.

In 1980, Somers was fired from Three’s Company after demanding a raise. She went on to star in several other television shows, including Step by Step and Candid.

She also wrote several best-selling books, including Keeping Secrets and Suzanne Somers’ Eat Great, Lose Weight, Feel Great!

In addition to her career in entertainment, Somers was also a successful entrepreneur.

She launched her own line of beauty products, exercise equipment, and dietary supplements.

She also starred in several infomercials for her products.

Somers was a controversial figure throughout her career.

She was known for her outspoken views on topics such as sex, aging, and health.

She was also a vocal advocate for breast cancer awareness.

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Somers was married to Alan Hamel from 1977 until her death.

She had one son, Bruce Jr. with her first husband Bruce Somers.

Somers was a pioneer in many ways.

She was one of the first female celebrities to speak openly about sex and aging.

She was also a successful businesswoman who built her own empire.

Somers was a complex and controversial figure, but she was also a talented actress, author, and entrepreneur.

She will be missed by her fans and loved ones.

By Liam Donovan
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7 months ago

She was always easy to watch and will be missed.

7 months ago

So what 1000’s of people died yesterday, are you gonna write articles about them?
What did she do for our country???

Just like MSM!

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