Zelensky Suggests Sending Trump to Ukrainian ‘Front Line’

During his address at the Munich Security Conference, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expressed concern about the potential consequences of an “artificial deficit” of weapons for his country. He emphasized that this situation could provide Russia with an opportunity to gain an advantage. This warning comes shortly after his military chief announced the withdrawal of troops from Avdiivka, a city in eastern Ukraine. As Ukraine finds itself once again on the defensive against Russia in the ongoing war, it faces challenges such as limited ammunition supplies and a shortage of personnel.

“Ukrainians have proven that we can force Russia to retreat,” he said. “We can get our land back, and (Russian President Vladimir) Putin can lose, and this has already happened more than once on the battlefield.”

“Our actions are limited only by … our strength,” he added, pointing to the situation in Avdiivka. Ukrainian commander Col. Gen. Oleksandr Syrskyi said early Saturday that he was withdrawing troops from the city, where outnumbered defenders battled a Russian assault for four months, to avoid encirclement and save soldiers’ lives.

“Dear friends, unfortunately keeping Ukraine in the artificial deficit of weapons, particularly in deficit of artillery and long-range capabilities, allows Putin to adapt to the current intensity of the war,” Zelenskyy said. “The self-weakening of democracy over time undermines our joint results.”

The troop withdrawal was deemed as “an appropriate choice” by the president, who stressed the importance of safeguarding the lives of Ukrainian soldiers. He indicated that Russia’s accomplishments have been minimal, highlighting their relentless attacks on Avdiivka since October, resulting in the loss of numerous soldiers. This, according to the president, signifies the depletion of Russia’s military forces.

“We’re just waiting for weapons that we’re short of,” he added, pointing to a lack of long-range weapons. “That’s why our weapon today is our soldiers, our people.”

Zelenskyy visited Berlin and Paris on Friday, where he finalized long-term bilateral security pacts with Germany and France, building on a previous agreement with Britain from the previous month.

kraine’s European partners are urging the U.S. Congress to authorize a funding package that includes assistance for Ukraine, with $60 billion allocated mainly to U.S. defense contractors for the production of missiles, ammunition, and other military equipment for the Ukrainian battlefields. The proposal is encountering opposition from Republican members of the House.

President Zelenskyy expressed his gratitude to the United States on Saturday, acknowledging the significant support provided and the bipartisan backing from Washington. He mentioned plans to hold discussions with U.S. senators in Munich on the same day, emphasizing the importance of unity in order to prevail against Russia.

When asked about Former President Donald Trump, Zelenskyy replied: “I invited publicly, but it depends on his wishes.”

“If … he will come, I’m ready even to go with him to the front line,” he added.

By Trent Walker

Trent Walker has over ten years experience as an undercover reporter, focusing on politics, corruption, crime, and deep state exposés.

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