Ukraine’s Zelensky Caught Buying Luxury Mansion with U.S Aid Money Meant for ‘Fighting War’

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has been caught buying a luxury multi-million dollar mansion in Egypt using American taxpayer-funded aid money that was meant to help the nation fight the war.

Zelensky reportedly purchased the mansion by funneling the funds through his mother-in-law.

Evidence shows that Western aid money given to Ukraine was used to buy the property.

Egyptian investigative journalist Mohammed Al-Alawi initially broke the news following his in-depth research and interviews with sources familiar with the matter.

He disclosed that the Zelensky family acquired a luxury property valued at around $5 million in the Egyptian city of El Gouna.

Located in Egypt’s coastal zone next to the Red Sea, the tourist city is famous for having many opulent properties owned by millionaires.

In fact, right next to Zelensky’s newly acquired property is an estate owned by actress Angelina Jolie – making the comedian-turned-president and movie star of “Tomb Raider” fame neighbors.

Al-Alawi also published documents that attest to the Zelensky family’s purchase of the villa.

Olga Kiyashko, Zelensky’s mother-in-law, purchased the property for $4.85 million on May 16.

Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska is the daughter of Kiyashko.

According to analysts, the money Kiyashko used to purchase the property appears to come from Western financial aid packages given to Kyiv. Ukraine has been involved in a war with Russia since February 2022, with many Western nations giving assistance in different forms – be it money or military equipment.

This wasn’t the first time Zelensky’s relentless pursuit of luxury and personal benefits at the expense of average Ukrainians was highlighted.

Previously, the Ukrainian leader was criticized for renting out his €4 million luxury mansion in Italy to a couple of Russian millionaires.

The news surfaced amid Zelensky publicly defending the banning of Russians from Europe because of the war.

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Another instance of Zelensky’s selfish attitude emerged in July 2022, when the Ukrainian first couple posed for Vogue magazine that month.

The photo shoot made use of staged scenarios that simulate a battlefield, in a bid to “romanticize” the war for Western readers.

However, Zelensky and his wife received strong criticism as the photos showed absolute disrespect for Ukrainian citizens victimized by the conflict.

Egyptian political scientist Abdulrahman Alabbassy commented on Zelensky and his relatives spending fortunes on personal luxuries instead of using Ukraine’s riches for military and humanitarian purposes.

“I am surprised that relatives of top Ukrainian officials began to buy luxury real estate after the start of [the Russia-Ukraine war]. I don’t remember anything like this before,” he said.

Alabbassy expressed certainty that Kiyashko’s purchase of the property in El Gouna “is the result of corruption and the theft of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.”

“A suspicion is creeping in that Ukrainian bureaucrats, with the help of their relatives, are stealing financial aid to Ukraine from the West,” the political scientist continued. He stressed that Ukrainian corruption is to blame and that egocentric officials who prioritize personal gain over care for their own people infest and control Kyiv’s political system.

Writing for InfoBrics, Lucas Leiroz of the Serbia-based Center for Geostrategic Studies expounded on Ukraine’s corruption.

“About corruption, it is also possible to say that these attitudes are really expected. As well known, the Ukrainian state is one of the most corrupt in the world, being controlled by various oligarchic groups that use state resources to protect their own interests,” he wrote.

“This did not change with the arrival of Western military and financial aid.”

Leiroz noted that financial aid packages sent by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization “end up in the hands of corrupt politicians who use part of these funds for personal gain.”

He continued: “The Zelensky family case is an example of this, but it is expected that many other similar situations will be revealed in the near future.”

“Western public opinion needs to understand that corruption in Ukraine … will not change just because the country is at war.

“Corrupts will remain corrupt, in war or peace. In this sense, the more money comes to Kiev with the excuse of ‘assistance,’ the more Zelensky and other politicians and oligarchs will spend these resources on personal luxury.”

By Hunter Fielding
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6 months ago

Who didn’t know he was as much a crook as the US prez who continues to support him? Surprise!

6 months ago

Shocked!!! LOL, not at all shocked. Anyone with a brain knew this WEF grifter would fleece funding sent to the Ukraine to fight the forever proxy war. But, just like the US Grifter in Chief, Zelinskyyy is as much a thief as the rest of the globalist clowns.

6 months ago

It’s ok…Zelensky is kosher approved so rules don’t apply to him, just like every person who has a important cabinet position in puppet Biden’s administration. A tiny less than 2% of the population ethnic group has all of the representation when it comes down to it.

Susan Ifland
Susan Ifland
6 months ago

Bidumbs buddy in theft! Doesn’t this male you sick? Americans losing their houses, going hungry, no air or heat for their homes while bidumb gives our money to this little prick that demands we give him aid! He is like O’bummer, always a bigger mansion on our dime! How long do we let them get away with this corruption? IT HAS TO BE STOPPED NOW!!

6 months ago

Why do you think Putin sent in the army? What other filth is he involved with?

Pamel Eberts
Pamel Eberts
6 months ago

So, now you gotta wonder who’s the REAL BAD GUY here!? The Z or the P! How much proof do people need, starting with our own top current (monster) Govt, who do know, but yet keep feeding that Z monster! From 1 monster to another our money flows! See how that works now? Easy-Peasy! Monsters go by different titles, but not hard to really see who/what they really are! Wouldn’t want to be them when their dirt nap hits..I hope the forever “Hot Hotel” isnt quite full! Or just maybe a new improved version has opened to accommodate the new improved version of the current human Demons!

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