WNBA’s Natasha Cloud Tries to Upstage Brittney Griner, Calls the United States ‘Trash’ and a ‘F***ing Joke’ after Supreme Court Rulings

Activist and Washington Mystics player Natasha Cloud appears to be miffed over the recent Supreme Court Rulings.

Cloud has taken to her social media to share what she thinks of America amid the recent rulings.

After the Supreme Court Ruled that UNC and Havard’s race-based admission policies were unconstitutional, violating the 14th Amendment, Cloud posted the news to Instagram on Thursday and added, “Keep on moving backwards… .”

Friday, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a web designer who didn’t want to be forced to provide services that promoted LGBTQ as it was against her religious views.

Cloud once again shared an article with a divisive title to her Instagram stories and added, “Our country is literally in shambles in a lot of areas and we continue to focus on attacking black and lgbtq+ lives. This country is a fucking joke.”

She shared more of her thoughts on the United States on Twitter:

“Our country is trash in so many ways and instead of using our resources to make it better we continue to oppress Marginalized groups that we have targeted since the beginning of times. Black/brown communities& LGBTQ+ man we are too powerful to still be attacking issues separate”

She added, “There is power in numbers.”

Cloud shared she believes a civil war is coming and later tweeted more:

“Imagine having all the power and resources to be great. I’m talking about everybody eats. Then imagine wasting it on hateful ideologies. Imagine weaponizing religion. That is America. We are a hateful disappointment. That’s the truth. We have the potential to be great And we waste it. Waste it trying to control what we don’t understand.”

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Cloud and many others have shared their displeasure at the Supreme Court rulings. While they can offer no legal argument against the ruling some such as Cloud have sent messages that may be perceived as calls for violence. Cloud stated she believes there will be a civil war in her lifetime as well as tweeting “There is power in numbers.”

Many others are celebrating the ruling which protects religious freedom and another that gets rid of affirmative action.

By Liam Donovan
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