Wisconsin Democrat Accidentally Says What they Really Think Out Loud in Vulgar Tirade: ‘F*** the Suburbs!’

Wisconsin State Senator LaTonya Johnson (D) loudly proclaimed on the Senate Floor, “F*ck the suburbs, cause they don’t know a G*d damn thing about how life is in the city.”

WI Conservative War Room shared a clip of the incident.

“Democrat State Sen. @StateSenLaTonya exclaimed, “F- the suburbs…cause they don’t know a god damn thing about how life is in the city” when speaking on the Senate Floor She failed to mention the millions Milwaukee receives under a recently passed GOP-led Shared Revenue Package”

Greg Price also shared the clip along with a little context.

“Wisconsin State Senator LaTonya Johnson says “fuck the suburbs” on the senate floor during a debate on crime spilling from cities to suburbs.”

Associated Press’s Scott Bauer shared:

“Wisconsin Democratic state @StateSenLaTonya uses the f-word at the conclusion of a floor speech detailing crime in Milwaukee and concerns about it spreading from the city to the suburbs: “F— the suburbs because they don’t know a goddamn thing about how life is in the city.”

“Her speech came during debate of the Republican-written state budget Democrats are offering a series of amendments to emphasize issues they care about, including gun safety, increasing funding for school safety and funding a child care program created during the pandemic.”

“Cursing on the floor of the Senate and Assembly is certainly not unprecedented, but it is highly unusual Democratic Sen. @TimCarpenterMKE praised Johnson for giving an impassioned description of concerns about violence and policing in Milwaukee”

While Democrats praise Johnson for her vulgar expression on the Senate Floor others are calling for Johnson to resign.

The editor of the Wisconsin Law Journal wrote and editor stating “Wisconsin deserves better.”

The editorial concluded by calling for Johnson’s resignation, “Hate for the suburbs or anyone or any place in Wisconsin has no home here. Resign Sen. LaTonya Johnson, Wisconsin doesn’t have the time for your hate.”

Johnson may have been trying to make a point in her own seemingly demented mind, but her words seem to have hit many others with disgust.

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By Liam Donovan
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