Whistleblower: Thousands Euthanized to Inflate Covid Deaths in Hospitals

A health official has come forward with an explosive whistleblower statement and alleged that hospitals have been euthanizing patients to artificially inflate the number of Covid-related deaths.

The whistleblower, who goes by the pseudonym Dr. John, claims the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) secretly ordered medical staff to euthanize thousands of patients.

Dr. John also revealed that NHS hospitals were NOT overwhelmed during the COVID-19 pandemic, contrary to reports by the UK government and mainstream media.

He disclosed how NHS bosses artificially inflated the COVID-19 fatalities using two disturbing methods.

First, they instructed medical staff to allow patients to die by depriving them of food, water, and oxygen.

Second, they instructed staff to forcibly euthanize patients by means of the End of Life Care program with the help of the controversial drug midazolam. Deaths stemming from both of these orders were falsely listed as COVID-19 deaths.

According to the Daily Expose, Dr. John’s testimony “highlights the negative impact of changes in care policies, leading to patients not receiving proper follow-up care and negative outcomes for patients and their families.”

It also reveals how the British government “authorized the essential ‘mass murder’ of the elderly and vulnerable by midazolam injection and then told the public [that] COVID-19 was to blame.”

The whistleblower’s claims are supported by a report penned by the U.K. Care Quality Commission (CQC) released in November 2020, Natural News reports.

According to the said report, 34 percent of NHS staff were pressured into placing Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders on COVID-19 patients with disabilities and learning difficulties.

Incidentally, the report stressed that every decision about DNR “must be made on the basis of a careful assessment of each individual’s situation and should never be dictated by ‘blanket’ policies.”

But based on Dr. John’s disclosures, the NHS’s blanket policies played a big role in these DNRs that were used to manipulate the actual number of COVID-19 fatalities.

Dr. John also pointed out how the neglectful policies in hospitals have led to patients not receiving proper follow-up care, resulting in worse outcomes.

He added that he has “seen this mess evolve from the very beginning of the pandemic.”

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“I used to see an average of 20 patients per day, that dropped to one to two patients during the first lockdown.

“I have even witnessed an elderly lady with horrific broken bones come into the hospital three weeks after her accident as she was too scared of catching the coronavirus to visit the hospital sooner.

“In the end, the pain overcame the fear.”

The whistleblower added that he also performed assessments on people with chest pains in their homes.

According to him, these patients feared COVID-19 so much that they would rather suffer a heart attack than catch SARS-CoV-2.

Moreover, he stressed that due to the follow-up visits failing to happen, parents often took things into their own hands – including removing casts from their children’s broken limbs.

Dr. John also cited the case of an elderly woman who underwent a hip operation.

After her surgery, she only had a single face-to-face follow-up with a physiologist and a single phone follow-up.

“I found her laid in her mess on incontinence pads, her dignity taken because she was bed-bound with a fixed rotated leg, unable to transfer to a commode,” he recalled.

“Her family was extremely upset.”

Dr. John’s testimony against the NHS was grounded on personal experience, as one of his family members died of cancer because he wasn’t given the required care.

The said relative was given seven years to live, but only lasted one year under the new system.

“I’ve also witnessed the desperation of families witnessing their own relatives dying sooner than they should have due to the lack of professional care that should have been provided,” Dr. John said.

“It has been a very sad year in which I have witnessed the demise of the health service.”

By Hunter Fielding
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9 months ago

These medical murders were preceded over the past few decades by the infiltration of healthcare by euthanasia zealots who do not respect the sanctity of life or the simple pledge to do no harm. Undeclared intentional medical killing is “stealth euthanasia,” imposed without the permission or knowledge of the patient or the family.

These practices of withholding food and water causing severe dehydration and circulatory collapse have been practiced secretly within tainted and corrupted hospice/end-of-life practices … the misuse of certain practices that may be appropriate when a patient is truly at the very, very end-of-life, within hours of dying when they cannot take in any water because they’d choke on it, tongue cleaving to the roof of their mouth, etc.

In the past few decades this practice of imposing death has been known as the “Liverpool Pathway” and has been roundly condemned as criminal by any who value the lives of the patients.

Drugging the patients when they don’t need to be sedated imposes permanent sedation into death along with the dehydration, i.e., “terminal sedation” and often pain killers like morphine and other opioids are given unnecessarily which slow and eventually shut down the breathing.

These practices were strenuously opposed by the founder of the modern hospice movement, Dame Dr. Cicely Saunders.

The book, Stealth Euthanasia: Health Care Tyranny in America,” describes all of these developments and practices that preceded the current mass euthanasia of so many victims in the NHS system (as well as in America and elsewhere), and the book is available freely as a pdf e-book at the website of the charitable nonprofit HealthCare Leadership and Advocacy organization at:

These killings were planned and the preparation for such killings occurred over decades to taint the health care settings, to mis-educate the physicians and nurses (and others) so they could be capable of such evil.

9 months ago

This makes perfect sense because unless you’re talking about the so-called Spanish Flu, millions have never died from the annual flu – this to me, was mysterious from the gate except that knowing from the info coming out that the ‘virus’ wasn’t a ‘virus’ nor the ‘vaccine’ a ‘vaccine’ – it was all man-made, untested, and forced against all laws – including doctors who took an oath before beginning their slaughter.

9 months ago

Murder is nothing new for the medical establishment. My mother was in her 80’s and I had to fight for her survival with 2 doctors from 2 different hospitals. The final murder was my husband that was in a rehab facility and because of their lack of care he went to an ER and he was diagnosed with a UTI, influenza and bacteria on his lungs. He was intubated twice. The hospital where he was admitted from ER killed him off my a pulmonary guy that worked in both facilities (an incompetent doctor from a third world country that was horrific with his lack of professionalism. He was loud and a liar and know that he finished my husband off with Remdisavir. I hope all these creeps were double boosted with kill shots. I am not the only person that this happened so what is the consequences of these killers???? This heinous act was done in Northern CA. The rehab hospital’s are death camps with low cost rations used in feeding these poor people. I pray there is a hell.

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