‘Whistleblower’ Comes Forward with Disturbing Audio That Dooms Fani Willis

Newly discovered audio recordings have been leaked, revealing yet another scandal in Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s office.

The whistleblower, named Amanda Timpson, is heard alleging to Willis on the audio that there has been an illegal misappropriation of government funds by her senior aide Michael Cuffee.

The audio recording was made in 2021 but revealed now amid numerous ethics questions about the Fulton County DA.

In the recording, Timpson boldly expresses her worries about Cuffee’s attempts to utilize grant funds for things that have nothing to do with their intended use, including buying “MacBooks, swag, and travel expenses.”

When Timpson confronted Cuffee about the potential ethics issue, she experienced harsh repercussions, saying, “when I questioned him, he took me off of projects, because I questioned him.”

When Timpson contacted Willis directly and saw that her alertness was being exploited against her, the situation became more intense.

Cuffee then gave Timpson a disturbing threat. “You think your word is safe. When you reached out to Ms. Willis, she called me and told me everything. So once you reach out to her, she’s going to reach back out to me,” effectively isolating Timpson from seeking help within the organization.

In addition to ending Timpson’s employment, her infamous “perp walk” out of the office conveyed a serious warning about the repercussions of whistleblowing inside the Willis office. Willis officially congratulated Michael Cuffee, her former social media manager from her 2020 campaign, in her victory speech. Cuffee departed the DA’s office in December 2021 for “personal” reasons.

Willis, the district attorney for Fulton County, is well-known for her work in the probe of former President Donald Trump’s activities in Georgia during the 2020 election.

Nathan Wade, the special prosecutor headed by Willis, settled his divorce earlier on Wednesday, avoiding having to testify about his alleged intimate relationship with Willis. This occurs in front of a heated hearing that also has the possibility of including Willis due to claims that he had a covert connection with Wade. In Trump’s Georgia election meddling case, a co-defendant argued that the district attorney’s office was biased and pushed for the release of divorce documents.

According to reports, Wade is anticipated to be questioned about his finances, which include a sizable income from Willis’ office and aircraft tickets that are reimbursed to both Wade and Willis. The settlement, meanwhile, is only temporary and may fall apart in the future. In addition, a hearing scheduled for February 15th will still take into account the possibility of dismissing Willis and Wade from a similar lawsuit involving former Trump campaign aide Michael Roman.

Political leaders have taken notice of the incident, such as Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and the Georgia State Senate, who are looking into Willis’ behavior and the possible effects of her relationship with Wade on the lawsuits filed against Trump. Willis has openly addressed her detractors despite the scandal, but she hasn’t specifically addressed the claims of an affair. Representing Roman, lawyer Ashleigh Merchant plans to look for the sealed divorce paperwork because she thinks they can prove her client’s innocence.

By Melinda Davies
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J West
J West
4 months ago

No surprise. Simians are natural born thieves.
Set Donald Trump free. He is our real president.

J West
J West
4 months ago

looks like I’m the only asshole leaving comments on this site. Why is that?

4 months ago
Reply to  J West

because many are afraid … we live in a world .. where we can no longer speak freely .

Michael Foster
Michael Foster
4 months ago

this corrupt lawyer needs to be arrested and put in jail

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