WEF Planning to ‘Relaunch’ Covid Pandemic, Insider Warns

A bioweapons industry insider has blown the whistle to warn the public that the World Economic Forum (WEF) is planning to “relaunch” the Covid pandemic in order to finalize its “Great Reset” agenda.

According to Dr. Harvey Risch, a bioweapons expert and Yale University professor and epidemiologist, the “next pandemic” is about to erupt “seemingly out of nowhere.”

Risch warns that globalist elites are not finished with Covid yet, despite the appearance that the pandemic is “over.”

While the last pandemic may have failed to fully usher in the WEF’s “Great Reset,” another, more deadly Covid outbreak would surely complete the transition.

Both the “virus,” so-called, and the “vaccine,” so-called, were the perfect excuse for America’s bioweapons industry to boost itself as something the nation requires in order to serve the public good by protecting We the People against disease – or so it claims.

Dr. Risch is now alerting top trusted lawmakers in the hope of blocking the plans.

At a recent roundtable meeting called “Federal Health Agencies and the COVID Cartel: What Are They Hiding?” hosted by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), Dr. Risch explained more about how the bioweapons industry has been working in secret for at least the past 70 years to unleash hell on the world.

“This work and the WIV (Wuhan Institute of Virology in China) leak was what I consider to be the fruit of our bioweapons industry that has been performing secretive and nefarious biological weapons development for the last 70 years,” Dr. Risch stated at the roundtable.

“The recognition of the possible accidental or intentional unleashing of an infectious agent capable of killing large numbers of humanity led to the bioweapons treaty of 1975 that President Ford signed.

“The treaty prohibits the development of offensive bioweapons however, the one loophole in the treaty is that small quantities of offensive bioweapons are allowed to be developed in order to do research on vaccine countermeasures.”

According to Dr. Risch, said loophole was then exploited by the U.S. bioweapons industry, which ultimately led to COVID then the rest of the nightmare known as the “pandemic.”

“My hypothesis, what I believe, is that both the virus-origin cover-up and the forced vaccination of the entire planet were orchestrated to protect the integrity of the bioweapons industry,” Dr. Risch stated.

“The vaccines then are the evidence that the bioweapons industry was properly justified from the beginning.”

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The fact that COVID injections were unleashed right in the middle of a so-called “pandemic” is suspect in and of itself because this is not how things are typically done.

If the general public only knew what Dr. Risch and others like him have to say about all this, they would be shocked, angry, and ultimately demanding answers from their elected officials as to how all this could happen right underneath everyone’s noses.

“Without a successful vaccine to show for itself in the time of a pandemic crisis, especially one caused by a leak from a bioweapons industry source itself, it would be clear to everyone that the rationale for the industry’s existence was a fraud in the first place,” Dr. Risch contends.

“And so, the COVID vaccines themselves supplied the defense against the charge that the bioweapons industry was not actually dual-use, but offensive only, violating the 1975 treaty.”

Also present at the roundtable was mRNA (modRNA) expert Dr. Robert Malone, as well as data expert Ed Dowd.

“Let us all just pause and remember that the entire scamdemic was indeed one big scam,” one commenter made sure to note.

By Hunter Fielding
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1 month ago

If this can be proved, immediately arrest these people and make them pay with their lives. They played with us and continue to do so. Therefore, the response penalty should be obvious. Take all of their wealth and distribute it to the people who have lost family members to Covid. Not a dime of it should go to the wealthy.

26 days ago
Reply to  elizabethrc

been proved slow one

1 month ago

Is anyone still not convinced the WEF is EVIL personified? We’re told exactly what they plan for us. The Nazis paled in comparison! However, Hitler chose war for depopulation. They, evil as they were, never considered unleashing disease to accomplish their master-race plans. Now, we face megalomaniacs with a chemistry set! Instead of preserving a master race, Schwab and the WEF Loons only wish to preserve themselves, Elite Globalists, and a few slaves to serve them!
I wonder if the German people thought Hitler was a nut whose ideas (of genocide) were too crazy to fear. I wonder if their apathy approached the magnitude of ours at the present time?
Evil is proud to voice its intentions. We seemingly laugh at the kooky James Bond villain, oblivious to the danger of history repeating itself. We should take this global threat seriously, before a real horror materializes! This Cabal has already infected many of the world’s governments at the highest levels. The WEF must be “removed” BEFORE the nightmare continues for real!

1 month ago

Larry Fink from Blackrock is a board member of the psychotic WEF and presumably funding that insane asylum…Blackrock/Vanguard (Same company) owns all the pharma companies that made the Death Jab that poisoned all your friends and families. If WEF try this shit again it is way time to hunt down all Blackrock/Vanguard execs and kill them before they try to murder us again

1 month ago

If they’re ‘relaunching’ the plandemic, that’s an admission of guilt and they need to be held accountable for each and every one of the 585 million deaths worldwide they’re responsible for – BEFORE dreaming of any ‘relaunch.’

30 days ago

And why, we the people, are allowing this shit in these labs to go on?

A few dozen bullets and a few gallons of javex and it’s over.

End these labs snd especially, end these people, like Fauci and Klaus.

End this before they end us….


Eve Rowell MD
Eve Rowell MD
29 days ago

As a retired MD I have recently read about scientific work challenging the idea that a specific virus causes a specific disease. Despite much propaganda and dogma taught to medical students, there is not a single scientific study that has isolated a virus, purified it, visualized it under electron microscopy, and then used it to infect another animal or human. The studies that have been done lacked a control. In other words, the methods used to “find” viruses involves taking monkey kidney cells, starving them of nutrients they need, giving them multiple antibiotics, often Gentamicin which is toxic to kidney cells, and then when they see evidence that the cells are destroyed, they centrifuge the material. Unfortunately for virus hunters, virus particles are the same size as extracellular vesicles which come from cells that have died. So they end up in the same portion after centrifugation. There is no way to separate a virus from any other breakdown product of cell death. In order to prove you have isolated a virus and not just an extracellular particle, you have to perform a control in which you test to make sure the way you are treating the cells is not the cause of cell breakdown, instead of the cause being a virus.

Dr. Risch, while pointing out the importance of ending bioweapons research, continues to misinform Americans about viruses. Since there is no scientific evidence of viruses as the cause of disease, there certainly is no reason to take vaccines. So he is unknowingly supporting the organized criminal racket that constitutes the pharmaceutical industry by continuing to believe unproven dogma about viruses.

This is a sad issue for me, as a retired doctor, because I cannot believe how trusting we all were and are as medical students, we just assumed that there MUST be data that support the viral theory. How could we have been taught by scientists that ignored the facts about viral research? How could these great teachers and mentors not considered the lack of proper controls in a science experiment? I mean this isn’t rocket science: this is a basic cornerstone fact of scientific evidence. You have to have proper controls or you haven’t proven anything. And still to this day I hear wonderful caring doctors talking nonsense about viruses, believing essentially a fairy tale they were taught in med school and being unwilling to challenge themselves to face the truth.

25 days ago

The whole of the wef and their supporters should be in GITMO

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