WEF Demands Ban on Jeans to ‘Fight Climate Change’

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is now demanding a ban on jeans after a group of the unelected globalist organization’s scientists determined that the popular clothing garment is causing “climate change.”

The WEF-funded scientists from the Guangdong University of Technology published a new study warning that a pair of fast-fashion jeans just once creates 2.5kg of CO2, or the equivalent of driving a gas-powered car 6.4 miles.

Guangdong University of Technology is a state-run school by the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government in China.

“This study took jeans as an example to reveal the carbon footprint of fast fashion consumption and its additional climate impacts compared to traditional fashion,” wrote the authors of the new report, set for publishing in May 2024.

“Jeans production and cross-broad transportation contributed 91% of the carbon footprint of fast fashion consumption,” added the experts.

The WEF claims that making fashion items for the general public produces too many greenhouse gasses (GHG).

The gasses, the WEF claims, cause “global warming” and “climate change.”

In fact, the WEF study claims that the industry is projected to emit nearly 2.8 billion tons of GHG emissions annually by 2030.

Traditional fashion — typically more pricey apparel made with high-quality materials and environmental sustainability in mind — emits around 0.22 kg of CO2, per the findings.

The New York Post reports:

“Fast fashion produces 11 times more of the pollution due to hasty manufacturing, international distribution via air travel, repeated washes and swift trashing.

“But analysts say there’s hope for Mother Earth, yet.”

In a statement about the study, the WEF scientists said:

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“Product service systems could slow the rapid production and consumption cycles of fast fashion and help move fashion to a circular system by providing recycling, second-hand, and rental services.”

No word from environmental-cultists Hollywood stars on when they will ditch a wardrobe staple.

By Hunter Fielding
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Sandra Smith
Sandra Smith
1 month ago


Robert P
Robert P
1 month ago


1 month ago

First the pandemic was fake, according to Germany. Now more BS coming out of China. When will it end?

Last edited 1 month ago by Jonny
1 month ago

The WEF is one of the greatest hypercritical organizations in the world. THEY themselves are causing “climate change” by flying their carbon spewing, fuel guzzling (averaging 500 to 900 gallons per hour…appx 1 – 0.5 mpg) all over the world. These private jets inject extreme heat (1400 degrees F) and tons of carbon right where it can do the most damage…in the stratosphere. The WEF needs to be eliminated with extreme prejudice as they are the TRUE enemies of mankind who want to KILL 6 BILLION PEOPLE and rule the survivors with an iron fist controlling every aspect of their lives to including how many calories they can consume a day.

Last edited 1 month ago by Zazu
1 month ago

The WEF wants all of us dressed in an orange jumpsuit, living, fully v@xxed, in a 15-minute city, eating ze bugs.

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