Watch Vivek Ramaswamy ‘Red Pill’ CNN Reporter on Jan 6 ‘Inside Job’

Vivek Ramaswamy had one of the showstopping moments at the otherwise trivial Republican primary debates on Wednesday night.

Ramaswamy called out establishment candidates on the stage for their reluctance to say unpopular truths about America’s descent into authoritarianism under the Biden regime.

“Why am I the only person on this stage, at least, who can say that January 6 now does look like it was an ‘inside job’?” he asked rhetorically, garnering a smattering of applause.

Vivek’s blunt questioning of the prevalent narratives in the mainstream corporate media, which do not hold up under scrutiny among intelligent people, drew gasps and condemnation from numerous outlets, including Fox News.

“Vivek Ramaswamy’s theatrical, conspiracy-laden performance at Wednesday night’s Republican debate exhilarated fringe elements of the online right, but drew outright disgust from conservative commentators on Fox News,” Axios scolded with a huff.

But Vivek was just warming up, it turned out. In a postdebate interview, he attempted to “red pill” a CNN reporter, while helping in the effort to deprogram those who have been led to believe the Capitol Riot was an “insurrection,” or a serious coordinated attempt to overthrow the government.

Here he was talking with Dana Bash, who could hardly restrain herself from lashing out at Vivek Ramaswamy for daring to question their fabricated and illogical J6 “insurrection” narrative.

“Let’s start with January 6th,” Bash said. “There is no evidence that it is an inside job. It was a fringe conspiracy theory that the Trump appointed FBI Director, Christopher Wray has said explicitly over and over is just not true.”

“Let me, I appreciate the opportunity to address it,” Vivek replied. “I was an anti-Woke crusader leaving the business world, and if you had asked me three years ago, is there some chance January 6th is an inside job, I would’ve said that was crazy talk.”

“I would say, looking at the facts of the video footage that have come out, Dana, it is shocking that you still haven’t gotten a clear answer of how many federal agents were in the field that day,” he continued. “Look at now the video footage of actually throwing explosives and rubber bullets into what was a peaceful crowd. Then releasing to the public what came in response to that.”

“But now look at the video footage that was released, and I’m glad we’re talking about it because viewers deserve to look at that footage,” he added. “Capitol Police, literally letting people in, who are then now prosecuted. Some of them have gone on to commit suicide because of what the government’s doing. That is a case of entrapment, and I think the government has not been transparent about this, which is why I then brought up another case where the government now 20 years later, with declassified documents, tells us that they lied to us at the time, 800 people.”

“So I do think we have a government that’s consistently lied to its people,” he said.

“An inside job suggests that everybody who attacked the capitol was part of…” Bash said, dishonestly re-framing the argument.

“I didn’t say that, but I was saying that there, there’s entrapment going on, there’s entrapment going on, and it looks like a case of entrapment,” Vivek responded. “And if you look at even over the last…”

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“What do you mean by entrapment?” Bash shot back, as if this was somehow below the FBI, which has been documented to have done it dozens of times, including the Whitmer kidnapping plot.

“Entrapment means that the police goaded people to do something otherwise than they otherwise wouldn’t have done, and then they arrest them for actually doing it,” he replied.

“And you don’t think it was actually the former president who was…” she chimed in.

“I think that was the media narrative. Now look at actually hard case…” he tried to explain as Bash desperately tried to talk over him.

“We’ll ask you better case and see what you think about this,” he continued. “You guys said this for a long time about the Gretchen Whitner kidnapping plot, suddenly gone silent after it comes out at trial, that absolutely, that was a case of entrapment, which is why two of those people were acquitted.”

“So I’m saying this as somebody who on the other side of this as a biotech CEO, somebody who was even anti-Woke,” he carried on. “But if I was looking at this, I would’ve said, a lot of this is crazy talk, but if you actually get into the details, I think it is startling how much the government has systematically lied, and I think it’s both parties over the course of the last 25 years, but on the January the left used be better pointing this out and being skeptical of the government. But now it’s the right.”

Bash was left with nothing but the manufactured narrative that January 6 was an existential threat to American “democracy,” which does not hold up to scrutiny. She also claimed, much like the Biden impeachment inquiry, that there is “no evidence” for this claim, which is absolutely untrue.

As Kyle Becker explained on X, the January 6 “insurrection” narrative is demonstrably misleading, if not outright false.

Here is what Becker wrote on X:

So, it turns out there were “at least 200” Feds and undercover operatives working the Trump entrapment plot on January 6.

That’s according to U.S. Rep. Clay Higgins (R-LA), who sat down for a recent interview on the matter.

“The FBI was not just participating in the January 6th acts from within. I suspect they had over 200 agents embedded in the crowd, including agents or, as they would call it, human assets inside the Capitol dressed as Trump supporters before the doors were opened.”

This figure is in the realm of possibility, given the newly released J6 videos, court documents, and witness statements.

“And when you track the text threads and the communications within those groups and find the origins of suggestions of potential violence or an active occupation of the Capitol on January 6th, you’ll find that those messages were led by members of the groups that ended up to be the FBI agents that had infiltrated the group,” Higgins said.

“So the FBI’s involvement was deep, not just on J6, but on the days and weeks and months prior.”

There is now zero doubt that J6 was a set-up. The Trump “incitement” narrative had been hatched months prior, as the infamous Time “shadow cabal” article made clear.

The J6 riot was war-gamed multiple times before the Electoral College.

The FBI unconstitutionally used NSA surveillance to track the extremist groups seeking to disrupt the event. It had Federal informants embedded in multiple extremist groups, including the Proud Boys.

Yet, somehow, the FBI and Capitol Police were woefully “unprepared” despite multiple advance warnings, including from then Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund.

D.C. Mayor Bowser, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, former Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and others, refused to press for more National Guard, despite it being documented and on the record that former President Donald Trump wanted 10,000 National Guard troops outside Congress to protect the Electoral College.

Also, there was no ‘centrally coordinated’ plot to overturn the results of the 2020 election, as FBI sources told Reuters in an August 2021 report.

Indeed, that was the entire point of the election challenges during the convening of the Electoral College.

If Donald Trump wanted to overturn the 2020 election results, he would not have disrupted the Electoral College. He would have continued to pursue his legal challenges and his Constitutional right to challenge electoral slates in Congress.

Trump would not have sent in unarmed extremists to disrupt the Electoral College in order to ‘retain power.’

This is not only illogical, it is absurd on its face. Nonetheless, this ridiculous partisan narrative has constituted the basis for prosecuting a former president in what has devolved into a partisan show trial and tantamount to election interference.

It is not only ironic, but a disgrace to our entire justice system. January 6 was a Fed-manufactured riot to frame a sitting president and carry out election interference in 2024. Case closed.

“The insurrection narrative was absurd from the start,” Lara Logan remarked.

According to a March poll in Rasmussen, before the release of hundreds of new J6 videos, as well as more evidence of undercover FBI and police involvement during the rioting, ” a majority think it’s likely that government agents helped provoke the riot.”

“Seventy percent (70%) of Republicans, as well as 57% of both Democrats and unaffiliated voters believe it is at least somewhat likely that undercover government agents helped provoke the Capitol riot,” the poll results indicated.

There are numerous videos, court documents, and witness testimony that corroborates this claim, contrary to the assertions of CNN that there is “no evidence” to support it.

By Melinda Davies
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6 months ago

Ramaswamy – another soros backed educated globalist from his ‘Nazi youth group.’ Please don’t buy anything he’s selling – EVER! One of the worst kinds of Rhino yet. Another Oblama Kenya born soros backed traitor destroying America from the inside.

Courageous Lion
Courageous Lion
6 months ago

– J6 was an inside job OBVIOUSLY
– The Government lied about 9/11 NO, the “government” didn’t lie about anything. The GOVERNMENT is the US Constitution. The SLIME that ADMINSTER the government LIED to the people about 911 because they were BEHIND 911. NAME THEM DOX THEM
– The “Great Replacement” is not a “Conspiracy Theory” THAT is becoming OBVIOUS by the day as the great Auntie Samatha tit is laid out for all of these foreign INVADERS coming through the border. Without that TIT they wouldn’t be coming here! PERIOD. DOX those behind it and NAME THEM.

Last edited 6 months ago by Courageous Lion
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