WATCH: Joe Biden Awkwardly Wanders Off MSNBC Set While the Cameras Are Still On

On Thursday, Joe Biden traveled to New York for an interview on MSNBC.

Biden joined MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace for an interview, where they delved into the topic of his failed presidency.

The interview began with Joe Biden confusing the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence as he attacked the Supreme Court.

He also lied about being a professor at UPenn.

“I was teaching at the University of Pennsylvania and I had a significant budget to hire a lot of people for the Biden Democracy Fund,” Biden stated.

This is one of his favorite lies.

UPenn paid Biden a staggering $1 million, yet he never conducted a single class.

After his softball interview with Nicolle Wallace, Joe Biden awkwardly wandered off the set.


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By Hunter Fielding
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