Watch Jill Biden Rescue Joe from One of His Weirdest Speeches as President

Joe Biden’s latest speech provided a much-needed respite from the news surrounding Israel’s fight against Hamas on Saturday evening.

But the president’s speech was a painful reminder of his readily apparent shortcomings when it comes to being up to the job of guiding America through multiple domestic and foreign policy crises.

Things deteriorated quickly while the president was speaking at the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner. Incidentally, the HRC is a staunchly anti-Israel (and anti-conservative) organization that has attempted to justify Hamas.

Biden went off the rails talking about ‘gay pride flags’ being allegedly banned in some places.

‘Who the hell”” he said,  then froze, drawing a smattering of applause. He then blurted out, “Not very presidential.”

There isn’t anything that has been “presidential” about a man who is under investigation for multiple serious scandals implying influence-peddling to benefit his family, launching unprecedented criminal investigations against a former president in the heat of an election campaign, and being absent during a border crisis and two regional wars abroad.

But the president would further display his senility with other moments on stage.

“When a person can be married in the morning and thrown out of a restaurant for being gay in the afternoon, something is still fundamentally wrong in this country — and that still exists!”

It doesn’t. The White House may be able to provide an anecdote that appears to back up its claim. But this would be the fringe of the fringe occurrence in modern-day America.

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People wearing Trump hats get thrown out of restaurants. Often. By the way.

Biden also had some bizarre quips.

“Careful, I’m like a poor relative, I show up when I’m invited,” he said.

He had other moments that were quite odd.

“We just remember who we are! And we’re not the victim, and although we’re good folks, we gotta stand up and holler!” he intoned.

Finally, Jill had to come rescue him.

And not a moment too soon.

By Melinda Davies
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