WATCH: Actor Michael Rapaport Brutally Slams Individuals That Are Celebrating Hamas Attack on Israel

Actor Michael Rapaport, who is Jewish himself, strongly criticized those who were celebrating the terrorist attacks on Israel carried out by Hamas over the weekend.

In a video shared on X, Rapaport emphasized that individuals celebrating the attacks on Israel, which have resulted in the deaths of 1,000 mostly civilian Israelis, were sick and hateful.

“Only is it acceptable to celebrate publicly the destruction, the rape, the beheading, the murder of children, women, and the elderly when it comes to Jewish people,” he said.

“Anybody that’s celebrating the terrorist attack that happened on Saturday is a sick f**k. You celebrate that. You cheer that. You dance in the streets, thinking that’s dope, that’s acceptable, that’s humane. You’re a sick f**k,” he added.

Rapaport then referred to the Hamas terrorists as “animals,” asserting that people should only be relieved that they were not the victims of such heinous acts, like sexual assault, kidnapping children, and murdering babies.

“They mowed down anything and everything in their path including Americans, non-Jews,” he said.

Rapaport then took aim at LGBTQ people who were celebrating the attack, suggesting that they visit Palestine to see how they would be treated there.

“Everybody wants peace. Nobody wants death. But to celebrate any of this, you’re a sick f**k,” Rapaport concluded.


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By Hunter Fielding
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7 months ago

This guy really turned out to be a POS, I’d Bet he has some child sex trafficking & pedocide in his closet!!!

7 months ago

Some people have short memories. Do they not remember “Shock and Awe”. Its OK if the USA does it but nobody else had better try even thouigh provoked by years of slaughter by democractic Israel. Wow

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