Video: Thief Stopped Amid Attempted Robbery, Beaten by Employees of Latino-Owned Store

A viral video with over three million views shared by X user 3sidededstory showed an attempted robbery being thwarted by the store owner in El Monte, CA.

The video started after the robber had already been confronted by those inside the store.

The alleged robber is a heavy-set black man dressed in black.

The robber was bent over at the start of the video.

There is another man with a stick trying to get him out of the store.

In the background, it looks like something has been knocked over during the robbery.

The robber was outnumbered as three men defended the store.

As the robber left the store one of the men held on to the robber’s shirt, which he slipped out of as he made his exit.

He is then seen taking off down the block as two of the men from the store follow him, this is where the video ends.

“Latino owned business stopped a thief from robbing their store in El Monte,CA today. This is how it’s done.”

El Monte is part of Los Angeles County, where crime has been on the rise as liberal the district attorney has taken a soft-on-crime approach to prosecuting criminals.

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón is losing supporters as smash-and-grab robberies are on the rise according to the New York Post.

A former supporter told the Post, “I call myself a bleeding heart liberal, anti-gun and voted for Gascón because I thought he was going to be sensible and make reforms like he promised.

“Since he took office, it has just been the opposite to a point where we feel like we can’t walk in our own neighborhoods anymore.

“We are f—ing terrified because these start out as low-level crimes, but it has gradually exploded.

“These criminals are not getting prosecuted and they know it. It’s off the rails.”

In 2022, an attempt to recall Gascón failed, and it seems that crime has only spiraled out of control even more.

While the district attorney seemingly fails to uphold the laws, some people are apparently taking matters into their own hands to defend their businesses.

By Liam Donovan
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