Vaxxed Heart Attack Deaths Hit ‘Highest Level Ever Recorded’

New data from the Australian government shows that heart attack death among the nation’s vaxxed population has just spiked to the “highest level ever recorded.”

Australia is now grappling with the disastrous effects of the government-mandated Covid vaccination roll-out.

Due to a series of harsh government mandates, 96.25% of Australians have received at least one Covid dose, with many people submitting to five or six booster shots in recent years.

However, doctors remain baffled as to what could possibly be causing the sudden spike in massive heart attacks, including in children, that has gripped the nation following the pandemic.

The situation has become so dire that health officials have launched a “critical awareness campaign.”


Since the vaccine rollout, the number of athletes dropping dead from heart problems has soared to unprecedented levels.

Scientists have begun citing an obscure study that claims “being too happy” can cause sudden heart attacks in otherwise healthy individuals – among many other bizarre explanations that do not make sense.

Unfortunately, cardiac arrests are not the only consequence of the jabs. Rates of cancer, including rare turbo cancers, have also skyrocketed.

Do you remember the YouTube and TikTok influencers who shilled the experimental COVID-19 vaccines to their followers during the pandemic?

Most of them received payments from the government and pharmaceutical companies to sway their followers into supporting the vaccine roll-out.

Fact-checkers, YouTube, and other social media influencers were instrumental in spreading the mass formation psychosis that, as stated by Dr. John Malone, resulted in a significant portion of the population being essentially hypnotized into following the draconian Covid measures.

Fast forward a couple of years and karma is striking down those same YouTubers who took the jab and cashed in on Big Pharma money.

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Hundreds of these young and healthy YouTube influencers are now being diagnosed with cancer – and many of them have admitted they are suffering from rare and aggressive turbo cancers.

By Hunter Fielding
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Joe Jenkins
Joe Jenkins
6 months ago

Robert Malone

6 months ago

For my age group, old, retired and cynical I was assured Natural Immunity would protect me from Covid. 
………It did.
I am 100% immune from the Fake Vaxx side effects because I did not take it! 

6 months ago

When government so-called ‘health agencies’ start blatantly taking the mickey and saying things like ‘“being too happy” can cause sudden heart attacks in otherwise healthy individuals’, it becomes very clear that what we had been naively considering to be our own governments for many years are in fact nothing less than heavily infiltrated usurping hostile foreign power military occupation governments practicing nothing less than an intended war of eventual total extermination of all others using 5th generation war tactics.

Instead of mass ground war offensives or aerial bombardments being launched against us by these would-be conquerors of this world, as they are actually relatively few in number as a group, they are instead simply tricking people into sterilizing themselves, badly injuring themsleves, and into committing suicide with the COVID poison jabs (and with other jabs for a very long time, such as with sterilizing agents hidden in ‘vaccines’ like gonadotrophic luteinizing hormone or depo provera, and with agents hidden in ‘vaccines’ to cause cancer like the SV 40 virus from African Green Monkey kidneys used in their manufacture, and with agents hidden in hepatitis ‘vaccines’ to cause AIDS and so on).

This is not ‘population reduction to save the world’ (another one of their mickey-taking bad jokes), think of the attitude towards all the Palestinians of intended total extermination held not only by the Israeli government, but in effect, though publicly unstated, by all those governments now aligned fully with Israel in that genocidal purpose after those infiltrated and subverted governments have been almost thoroughly gutted and replaced with politicians of the lowest calibre working only for Israel.

Just like those Palestinian Muslims and Christians, we also are all considered animals to be exterminated, even by the infiltrated governments in the West. The WEF agenda to ‘reduce’ world population by 7.5 billion (just for starters) is an entirely military agenda cunningly hyped up with green nonsense, with the real eventual death toll total in reality intended to be the same as that intended by the Noahide Law program that is now officially approved by the UN which is now joined at the hip with the WEF that will become physically effected in full once one world NWO government controlled from Jerusalem comes into being, which will in truth be the most savage military dictatorship that will make all mass genocides committed by previous communist regimes seem minor incomparison, that is, if people simply let things happen as they usually do in most nations.

Much of modern so-called medicine is actually a military program to gradually poison, weaken, injure, sterilize and ultimately exterminate all others to leave one group alone in possession of the entire planet. Think of who owns and controls most of the pharmaceutical industry.

Of course, now that many are starting to wake up, something else is being initiated to grab our attention, the spectre of a third world war, which is entirely arranged, both in Ukraine and Israel, indeed by the very same perps who are entirely responsible for creating the COVID jab bioweapon, which is itself not only the cause of all the COVID jab ‘side-effects’ but of all the ‘COVID’ illness itself, as can be seen from graphs showing massive spikes in death rates supposedly from COVID in many nations just after the COVID jab programs have been initiated in those nations.

This is nothing new, similar programs have been ongoing for many decades, through the constant denial of genuine cancer cures for example and by the murderous pseudo- treatments by X-Ray ‘therapy’ (another one of their mickey-taking bad jokes) and the use of chemo-‘therapy’ agents that are most usually nothing other than slow tortures to the death that mostly kill in any case, sooner or later.

Official British NHS figures show that 50% of all those even classed as ‘cured’ from cancer who received chemo and X-Ray ‘therapy’ are dead 5 years later, and 90% of those ‘cured’ by chemo and X-Rays are dead by 15 years later, so these are not really cures at all, and if you have X-Rays or chemo for cancer then your life expectancy on average is actually 27% less than if you had received no treatment at all on average.

The NHS Marsden Hospital study shows that over 50% of women who received X-Rays and chemo for cancer of the breast died within a month of starting ‘treatment’, not from the cancer itself, but from the ‘treatment’. Many chemo-‘therapy’ agents are in fact derived from military poison gasses, and that is what many of them really are in chemical form and in actual effect.

And if a young lady has 6 courses of antibiotics before the age of 18, she is then 3 times more likely to get breast cancer in later life due to the immune system having been permanently damaged, but the original (not the later purposely-faked or badly imitated versions of) Rife technology provenly also eradicated any pathogen from the body with zero side-effects in just 3 minutes.

The decision to suppress the Rife technology in1939 was the criminal decision of a certain Morris Fishbein, then head of the AMA, acting under the similarly criminal Roosevelt regime, and the infiltrated US government then arranged to go to war against Germany and the other Axis power nations to ‘save lives’ as well then of course, while actually doing quite the opposite of saving lives in reality, likely in great part to distract from the effective mass genocide that still continues today due to the same cause of effectively banning real cancer cures that they had just initiated then too, that will literally cause billions of deaths.

How odd that nations of the world do not demand for the Rife technology and other cancer cures that are now being suppressed and held secret by the US government and the Rockefellers to be released, or even try to replicate such medicine themselves. One might even think that war might even be justifiably waged on the US fake government to demand for the release of these cures, but instead, people foolishly fall for stories that war with some nation or other is necessary as is happening yet again today, and as usual entirely just for the intended benefit of the usual powers that be of course.

And there are a vast number of false positive diagnoses where people opt for surgery to remove breasts when they never actually had cancer in the first place that are then added to the government figures of patients apparently ‘cured’ from cancer by government medical ‘help’, after really just being pointlessly mutilated, and then many likely die of cancer from the X-Rays and chemo later anyway, when Rife technology in its original fully validated form could be released by the Rockefellers who still hold that and other cancer cures secret and cure every single person in the world totally from cancer. But they choose to slowly murder billions instead by such methods, and then also bulldoze sleepwalking peoples into needless wars repeatedly to murder even more.

Think of the billions now due to get cancer, then consider this mickey-taking approach towards treating cancer in most nations of the world, in nations that are surely under some very dark influence.

Henry Kissinger gave the ultimatum to Third World Nations many years ago that either their governments could accept for population reduction to take place by ‘vaccination’ programs, or ‘population reduction’ would be arranged for them by the instigation of wars to accomplish it anyway with concomittant massive damage to the infrastructure of those nations, but now the program is worldwide almost, they are getting very cocky indeed now.

Surely, such government officials behind this are not really representatives of the peoples they pretend to be members of.

The original and fully proven Raymond Royal Rife radio frequency beam technology provenly cured 100% of all cancer patients with zero side-effects in a US hospital setting and was also recognized as genuinely effective at the time by the British Royal College of Surgeons as bona fide.

Cancer rates before COVID were 50%, but since COVID ‘vaccination’ intentionally destroying the immune systems of people, cancer rates have suddenly risen by 35%.

Present methodology of ‘treating’ cancer that is actually provided in reality is similarly a total abuse. Indeed a literal war being waged against us, not just by the COVID bioweapon program of course.

Carcinogens are constantly being deliberately added to our so-called medicine, the ‘side-effects’ (intentional effects) of which every often read far worse than the effects of any illness they are purported to alleviate or cure.

Our food, our medicine, our water, our air, our land and our total environment are constantly being deliberately and entirely avoidably being poisoned. It is often the cold-blooded deliberate, calculated ongoing mass genocide in plain site that we do not see, and we are often purposely distracted away from seeing it going on right in front of our eyes by TPTB.

None of this is really being done in the interests of humanity, but is rather been done to literally totally exterminate humanity so that the inhuman and likely non-human PTB and their ilk can then take full possession of this planet for themselves alone.

6 months ago

aussies were never to smart

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