Unvaxxed Haiti Recorded 0% Covid Deaths

The vast majority of the population of Haiti is unvaccinated for COVID-19 but the impoverished Caribbean nation recorded virtually no deaths from the virus.

Haiti remains one of the least vaccinated countries in the world while also showing the lowest Covid death rate.

As of the end of April, just 254 people have died in Haiti from what authorities agree constitutes Covid, according to reports.

However, this figure is likely overblown considering SARS-CoV-2 has never even been isolated and proven to exist.

Compared to the United States, which currently has a COVID-19 death rate of around 1,800 per one million people, Haiti has a Covid death rate of just 22 per one million people, or 0.0022% – basically 0 percent.

NPR admits in a report about Haiti that Covid restrictions were never enforced there.

Nobody there wears a mask, people are mostly unvaccinated, and daily life is normal with busy and crowded buses and markets.

For most Haitians, the pandemic never happened.

“And Haiti hasn’t yet administered a single COVID-19 vaccine,” NPR‘s Jason Beaubien further reveals.

It turns out that Haiti had its own version of Tony Fauci, a man named Dr. Jean “Bill” Pape, who headed up a commission during the “pandemic” to deal with the fallout. In the end, however, the commission was dissolved because Haiti was, and continues to be, COVID-free.

“The reason mainly is because we have very, very few cases of COVID,” Pape said about why the commission was ultimately disbanded.

GHESKIO, the local health agency that Pape heads, also closed its COVID units last fall due to a lack of patients.

While the Western world is stricken with hordes of “fully vaccinated” people who are now sick as dogs, Haiti is back to normal thanks to its rejection of the shots.

“Sometimes it’s two, sometimes zero, sometimes it’s 20 cases,” Pape said.

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“But we are not seeing a second wave as we thought would happen.”

Unlike much of the rest of the world, Haiti remained open during the “pandemic.”

Outdoor markets were never closed, and people there continued working because sheltering in place and remote employment are not things that the average Haitian can afford.

“Most people don’t wear a mask,” Pape added, noting that Haitians continued working as normal throughout the pan because “if they don’t work, they don’t eat – their family doesn’t eat.”

When AstraZeneca tried to peddle its COVID injection in Haiti, the Haitian government denied a shipment of it.

It turns out that the medical community in Haiti heard about all the “rare” side effects of the jab and thus rejected it.

“COVID did not impact us as badly,” said Dr. Jacqueline Gautier, who serves on the national technical advisory group on COVID vaccination in Haiti.

“People don’t think [the vaccine] is worth it, actually.”

Another factor that makes Haiti an incredible success story compared to other nations is the fact that its population is very young.

The average age in Haiti is around 23, while in the United States, it is closer to 40.

Younger people tend to have stronger immune systems than older people.

And without COVID jabs to destroy them, Haiti’s millions of unvaccinated people fared well compared to the rest of the world.

“Also, there are many other major problems the country is facing,” Gautier added.

“So people don’t see COVID as our major, as a major, problem for us.

“And who can blame them?”

By Hunter Fielding
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9 months ago

Let’s hear Fauci wiggle out of this fact.

9 months ago
Reply to  Swedesmith

The only thing he should be wriggling in is a casket

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