University Professor Threatens to Hunt Down Jewish Journalists and Their Children in Their Homes

There’s a concerning rise in mentally ill people who run academia. It’s troublesome that universities throughout the United States are influenced by left-leaning professors, and now, with individuals of this sort, we’re venturing into new levels.

Last week, UC Davis Professor Jemma Decristo, who is transgender, made threats against Jews following an attack by Hamas terrorists on Israel, resulting in the tragic loss of more than 1,300 lives.

The professor referenced ‘Zionist journalists’ and was quoted as saying on his/her UC Davis page: “One group of ppl we have easy access to in the US is all these zionist journalists who spread propaganda and misinformation, they have houses w addresses, kids in school, they can fear their bosses, but they should fear us more.” After the quote, there are emojis with a knife, axe, and blood droplets.

Threatening individuals and referencing their homes and families is far beyond what the First Amendment safeguards. This individual should be arrested.

This is a real problem for the United States because we admit individuals who may not wish to embrace American values.

In the wake of the attack on Israel by Hamas, there has been a notable increase in anti-Semitic rallies and chants. This trend is particularly noticeable in academia, especially in colleges, and it is also influencing younger individuals.

The following video features high school students in San Francisco marching through the hallway while chanting, “Palestine must be free, from the rivers to the sea.” The whole point of being in school is to get an education. But here we see these young people promoting a group that endorses violence during school hours.

College campuses have seen a surge in hate following the Hamas attack on Israel. It was recently reported that some students at Harvard were expressing support for Hamas, leading Alan Dershowitz to suggest caution when considering hiring them.

During a recent appearance on the Sean Hannity Show, Harvard professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz suggested that Harvard students who express support for Hamas should be treated similarly to how the KKK is treated.

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By Hunter Fielding
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