University of California Blackmails Students to Attend Pro-Palestinian Protests for Academic Credit

The University of California, Berkeley, is facing criticism following an incident where a teaching assistant emailed students, offering them extra credit in exchange for joining a pro-Palestinian protest.

According to Fox News, the email, sent on Tuesday by graduate student Victoria Huynh, was for a class titled ‘Asian American Communities and Race Relations.’

Huynh informed students that they had two options to earn extra credit.

They were given the choice to either “attend the national student walkout tomorrow against the settler-colonial occupation of Gaza” or “watch a short documentary on Palestine and call/email your local California representative.”

Following the attack by Hamas terrorists on Israel on October 7, thousands were left dead and injured, causing a surge in tensions both in the Middle East and globally.

Many on the left have justified the attack and condemned Israel’s retaliatory airstrikes on Gaza.

The email sent by the University of California sparked outrage, with many describing it as ‘government-funded antisemitic indoctrination.’

Following the criticism, UC Berkeley representative Dan Mogulof informed Fox News that the assistant’s proposal of extra credit went against university policy.

“The situation has been remedied, the assignment has been changed and there are now a number of options for extra credit, not just one,” Mogulof said.

“Students can attend any local event they wish — such as a book talk or a panel discussion — related to the course’s subject … or they can watch any documentary they wish about the Middle East,” he added.

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By Hunter Fielding
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6 months ago

Don’t care!

Keep sending your money to universaty’s, run by jew communists!!!

Who’s Goal is to steal your Wealth, Indoctrinate you into communism & Kill you off!!!

You can’t fix STUPID.

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