Ukrainian Prosecutor Comes Forward to Connect Bidens to Ukraine Corruption

Viktor Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor that was investigating Burisma, the firm that had hired President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden for an $83,000 a month position despite no relevant experience, has come forward in a new blockbuster interview.

Shokin ties the Bidens to the Ukrainian firm and provides evidence vindicating him in the official corruption investigation. The Shokin interview and transcript follow below:

KILMEADE: Why were you fired from your position by President Poroshenko?

SHOKIN: Have said repeatedly in my previous interviews that Poroshenko fired me at the insistence of then Vice President Biden, because I was investigating Burisma.

KILMEADE: So did President Poroshenko tell you that? That he wanted you to stay on the job, but there was pressure from Vice President Biden?

SHOKIN: You understood me correctly. This is how it was. There were no complaints whatsoever, no problems with how I was performing at my job. But because pressure was repeatedly put on President Poroshenko, that is what ended up in him firing me.

KILMEADE: What are your thoughts when you saw the tape of Vice President Biden speaking to the Council on Foreign Relations saying you had six hours to fire you or you’re not going to get the billion dollars?

SHOKIN: Not only the position of President Poroshenko, the office of President Poroshenko was humiliated, but the entire country of Ukraine was humiliated. And I developed a very firm understanding of the fact that Vice President, the vice president, was only acting in his own interests. He, generally speaking, handled Ukraine like it was his own backyard. He would put people that were suitable for him. He will arrange for them to be put in certain positions.

KILMEADE: Why were you looking into Burisma?

SHOKIN: The reason I oversaw the Burisma case was because I was the Prosecutor General. Burisma was an ordinary case. There wasn’t anything particularly different about it. The reason that I was handling it was because it deserved a special mention. It was on a list of cases that merited special attention because Hunter Biden was involved with Burisma, and of course his father, the Vice President Biden, at the time, oversaw Ukraine affairs for the White House.

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KILMEADE: Why? Do you believe they were up to no good? Were they up to doing something corrupt with Burisma? Was the company of Burisma corrupt, as been alleged in which since has been disbanded?

SHOKIN: I have no doubt that there were illegal activities engaged in by Burisma. As a matter of fact, the criminal case had been started before me. It continued to expand and Zlochevsky, who at the time held the cost administer and was the founder and CEO of Burisma, started bringing in people who could provide protection for him. Hunter Biden was among them, and the corruption network expanded as a result. So yes, to answer your question, there’s no doubt in my mind that Burisma was engaged in illegal activities.

KILMEADE: Devin Archer said you were a threat to Burisma. Do you agree?

SHOKIN: Yes, yes, I agree.

KILMEADE: Why? Because you were going to find out what they were up to.

SHOKIN: Because he understood and so did Vice President Biden, that had I continued to oversee the Burisma investigation, we would’ve found the facts about the corrupt activities that they were engaging in that included both Hunter Biden and Devon Archer and others.

KILMEADE: What corrupt activities did you suspect they were engaged in?

SHOKIN: Would take half a day for me to discuss every single count. But I can say that Burisma illegally produced, sold, and utilized gas. Zlochevsky, the founder of Burisma, recently made a plea deal with the prosecution in a case where he was accused of giving a $6 million bribe, which is the kind of money that you don’t just give away if you’re not really engaging in anything illegal. So his plea deal was to cover up a $6 million bribe that he gave earlier.

KILMEADE:: Do you believe that Joe Biden or Hunter Biden got bribes?

SHOKIN: I do not want to deal in unproven facts, but my firm personal conviction is that yes, this was the case. They were being bribed. The fact that Joe Biden gave away $1 billion in US money in exchange for my dismissal, my firing, isn’t that alone a case of corruption?

KILMEADE: The New York Times writes… Shokin became a symbol of Ukraine’s deeply ingrained culture of corruption. Wall Street Journal, something similar. Washington Post, something similar. What do you say to people who say it’s you that are corrupt and that Joe Biden did the right thing, making sure you were fired?

SHOKIN: I would appreciate if any of these highly respectable publications could come up with a single instance or single example of my personal corruption or any offense whatsoever, allegedly committed by me.

KILMEADE: Why don’t you sue then? Why don’t you sue these publications for defamation?

SHOKIN: I would gladly do that. But suing somebody costs money and I simply don’t have the money to do that because I’m a retiree and my monthly pension constitutes the equivalent of $800.

KILMEADE:: Has this damaged America’s reputation in Ukraine?

SHOKIN: There is no doubt that his actions have damaged the US reputation in Ukraine. It is public knowledge. Everybody knows that it was because of Joe Biden’s actions that Russia was able to claim Crimea without firing a single shot, which of course eventually led to a full scale war that is currently underway. And I do talk about this in my book. But yes, the damage has been done. Definitely. I have long been concerned about my personal safety and security that I’ve already died technically twice as I was poisoned with Mercury.

KILMEADE: Viktor Shokin, thank you so much.

According to a Twitter post by Rudy Giuliani, Shokin was targeted because he has documents that supposedly prove money laundering by Burisma and by ex-Vice President Joseph Biden and his son Hunter.

“Holds doc’s proving money laundering by Burisma & Biden’s. Fired due to VP Biden’s threat not to release $1 billion in vital US aid. Shokin’s med records show he was poisoned, died twice, and was revived. Lots of heads will roll in Ukraine if this opens up”, Giuliani claimed.

Giuliani further stated that Shokin’s medical records show he was poisoned, experienced clinical death twice, and was subsequently revived.”

However, it appears that Shokin is unable or unwilling to provide the documented evidence proving the details of the alleged Biden bribery scheme, per this interview.

By Melinda Davies
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