UFC Fighter Gives Epic Beatdown to Canadian Reporter

UFC Middleweight Champion Sean Strickland advised a Canadian MMA reporter to “go f**k” himself after he tried to lecture him about his “homophobic” remarks.

Strickland, who will make his first championship defense against South Africa’s Dricus Du Plessis on Saturday, has earned a reputation as one of the UFC’s most opinionated fighters.

Strickland has previously slammed foreign governments for their COVID responses when visiting their countries. Last November, he confronted an Australian reporter about the country’s strict lockdown policies, citing one occasion in which a pregnant lady was detained and pulled from her residence for breaking lockdown orders.

He has consistently said that his remarks would not be censored, much to the disappointment of left-wing MMA media members.

During the media pre-fight news conference on Wednesday, a Canadian reporter inquired about an occasion in which Strickland said that having a homosexual kid meant he had failed as a dad.

The argument began with Strickland asking the reporter whether he was Canadian, given the UFC 297 championship bout is due to take place in Toronto.

When the reporter verified that he was, the middleweight champion inquired whether he was “part of the fu**ing opposition.”

“I don’t know how to phrase that,” the reporter replied.

Strickland then asked if he voted for Justin Trudeau. When the reporter refused to answer, the UFC fighter took this as confirmation that he did indeed vote for the nation’s far-left prime minister.

“A man says he’s not going to say, like you ask a motherfu**er; ‘Did you vote for Biden?’ He’s like, ‘well, I’m not going to say, that’s none of your business.’ He voted for fucking Biden,” Strickland said.

“We’ve got a pretty supportive gay and lesbian community in this city. I did want to ask you about something you wrote a couple of years ago. You said, if I had a gay son, I would think I’d..,” the Canadian then asked before Strickland reacted with disgust.

“Let me ask you something… are you, are you gay?” Strickland asked.

After a back-and-forth where the reporter mentioned his “diverse” perspective, he answered the question by describing himself as “an ally to the community.”

The UFC champion then inquired whether the reporter would be okay with not having grandchildren.

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“No problem with it,” he replied.

“Oh man, well, you’re a weak fu**ing man, dude. You were like, you’re part of the fu**ing problem. You elected Justin Trudeau, like, when you fu**ing, when he seized the bank accounts, like, you’re just fu**ing pathetic,” Strickland followed up. “And the fact that, the fact that you have no fu**ing backbone, and he shut down your fu**ing country and seized bank accounts, and you asked me some stupid sh*t like that.”

“Go f**k yourself and move the f**k on man,” he continued.

Ouch. That may be the most devastating move Strickland has ever made. And it wasn’t even inside the MMA ring.

By Melinda Davies
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Loves Dogs
Loves Dogs
1 month ago

I am not sure this guy is 100% right (he may only be 98% right) but one thing he says which is unquestionable is that the reporter who is with FNC (Fake News Canada) and go F*^& himself. Why is the reporter even there because nobody is reading or watching the Fake News anymore. It is obvious that the reporter was probably gay and also had no backbone.

1 month ago

Lousy writing, but always good to see a higher profile character speaking out about the wrongs of Trudeau and the rest of this covid nonsense

Gary Oraniuk
Gary Oraniuk
1 month ago

All power to Strickland. I have a problem with the majority of Artists, musical (especially) and otherwise, who never stood up and challenged the COVID narrative.
And that failure was only so that these artists would not damage their collective public profiles.
So much for being the doyens of forward thinking and intellectual and philosophical thought-and I have recently thought about Bob Dylan and his early protest-type songs, and where he is now on social issues now, as he certainly is not blowin’ anything in the wind about any of the traumatic events like the millions of illegals crossing America’s borders.
In my country, post the renovation of the Sydney Opera House, the orchestra for the opening bash, which I had recorded, all wore masks.
I refused to watch it, deleted the recording.

1 month ago

Those reporters got exactly what they asked for. Not only attention…….


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