U. of Colorado on ‘Lockdown’: Dead Body is Discovered After Police Said No ‘Active Shooter’ Threat

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs was closed on Friday morning due to reports of shots fired. A person was discovered dead at the Colorado university following reports of gunfire on campus.

Police earlier claimed there was no active shooter, but they did urge students to ‘shelter in place’ until further notice. Officers confirmed they are investigating the fatality.

“University police ordered a lockdown at 7 a.m. and warned people to lock doors, turn out lights and be silent,” CBS Colorado reported. “About 12 minutes later they said the situation was not an active shooter situation, but the shelter in place should continue.”

Residents in the Alpine Village dormitories remained under lockdown, but all other staff and students were permitted to leave campus. Police stated the school grounds will remain closed for the remainder of the day.

On Wednesday, a shooting broke out in Kansas City, Missouri after the parade and celebration of the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory, killing one and injuring at least 21 others, including 11 children.

The incident occurred west of Union Station, near the garage, as Chiefs supporters were departing, according to Kansas City police. Three assailants are in custody and the shooting is believed to have stemmed from a personal issue between the suspects.

President Joe Biden seized upon the shooting tragedy to recall his effort to ban “assault rifles,” although it is not clear what guns were used in the shooting.

Meanwhile, U.S. mass shootings have hit a 3-year low, according to the Gun Violence Archive. A mass shooting is defined as an occurrence in which at least four persons, excluding the gunman, are injured or killed. According to the database, 75 people were killed and 140 were injured in 44 mass shootings between January 1 and February 12, which was prior to the Kansas City mass shooting.

By Melinda Davies
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