Tyson Launches Insect-Based ‘Foods’ for General Public Consumption to Meet WEF’s ‘Net Zero’

Tyson Foods has launched a range of new insect-based products designed for consumption by the general public masses in order to meet the globalist “Net Zero” goals of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

If you purchase store-bought food items of the processed variety, beware: there could be insect ingredients hiding in the formula, thanks to a new agreement between processed chicken giant Tyson Foods and Protix, an insect ingredients company.

A twofold investment agreement forged between Tyson and Protix will allow the processed food industry to hide newfangled bug ingredients in their labels by creating an efficient and “sustainable” system of insect protein and lipids production for the entire global food system.

Using a direct equity investment, Tyson will acquire a minority stake in Protix to help fund its massive global expansion, creating a steady supply of insect and bug ingredients that will be forced on the entire planet – except for the food plates of the globalists, of course, who will still be fine-dining on steak and caviar to their black, empty heart’s content.

Tyson and Protix have entered a joint venture for the construction and operation of an insect ingredient manufacturing facility here in the United States, which reports indicate will be the first of its kind “to upcycle food manufacturing byproducts into high-quality insect proteins and lipids which will primarily be used in the pet food, aquaculture, and livestock industries.”

“Our partnership with Protix represents the latest strategic investment by Tyson Foods in groundbreaking solutions that drive added value to Tyson Foods’ business,” announced John R. Tyson, chief financial officer of Tyson and the same guy who last year wandered drunk and uninvited into a college student’s bed before she called the police on him.

“The insect lifecycle provides the opportunity for full circularity within our value chain, strengthening our commitment to building a more sustainable food system for the future.”

Do not be fooled by the claim that these bug byproduct ingredients are strictly for animals.

Globalists look at non-globalists — meaning non-one-percenters and everyday folks who are not filthy rich — as being the equivalent of human livestock, so you can be sure these insect parts are destined for your dinner plate as well.

Tyson would not be building a massive U.S. facility with an “enclosed system designed to support all aspects of insect protein production including the breeding, incubating and hatching of insect larvae” if this entire operation was not also intended to feed the tens of millions of “useless eaters” that the globalists eventually want to kill off once they are done exploiting their human slaves for profit.

It appears, however, that the globalists forgot to ask the “useless” masses how they feel about eating bugs.

“Next thing you know they will tell you that these things go well with Soylent Green!” joked one person on X about Tyson’s insect ventures, referring to the 1973 sci-fi thriller film about people eating “soylent green,” aka people.

“Guess I’m never eating Tyson products again,” noted another, with several others in agreement that they, too, are done purchasing and eating Tyson products.

“Insects are not designed for the human digestive system,” noted another about how humans cannot consume and derive any benefits from bugs.

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“If it was, it would already have been on the menu several hundred years ago.

“Humans and birds are very, very, very different.”

“Tyson Foods is disgusting,” said someone else.

“They very inhumanely slaughter animals to make their inferior products.”

By Hunter Fielding
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1 month ago

Immediate world-wide boycott of Tyson Foods

Last edited 1 month ago by caught
Jacquelyn Sauriol
Jacquelyn Sauriol
1 month ago
Reply to  caught

No problem, never would eat it it anyway…one of Tysons biggest exports is reconstituted chicken nuggets to foreign countries, apparently Japan loves that stuff….

1 month ago

Boycott all TYSON products! Avoid the brand.
“… operation of an insect ingredient manufacturing facility here in the United States…”
Let’s find out where this slave-food facility is located. You know what must be done.
The Globalist plantation owners have gone too far! We must demonstrate our resolve to RESIST!

1 month ago

WHO, WEF, WUFF – Mo, Curly, and a dog.

1 month ago

Time to “Bud Lite” Tyson Foods!

Graham Booker
Graham Booker
1 month ago

I’m retired now so I have the time, but I have started to buy meat from a butcher, fish from a fishmonger, only fresh or veg etc. I’m even thinking of buying dried pulses to make baked beans myself, there are recipes online that show how to make your own tomato sauce, ranch dressing etc.
I have two freezers that are filling up nicely, the 3-month rule, sell-by dates or best-before mean nothing to me I would rather eat meat that’s been in the freezer for over a year than bow to their ‘eet ze bugs’ rollocks.

1 month ago

Great!!!, like Buttweisser, now you know what process meat company, not to buy and from.

Simple is as simple does.

Show that WEF idiot and your corrupt corporate companies who’s in charge.


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