Tucker Carlson Takes Victory Lap After Exposing Mike Pence, Compares it to Beating a 5-Year-Old at Ping Pong

Mike Pence got a small victory for his fragile ego when “community notes” handed him a technical win.

However, although the former Vice President didn’t say he doesn’t care about American cities, he did appear to show where his priorities lie, and those appear to be with other countries in our opinion.

Earlier we reported on an awkward exchange between Pence and Tucker Carlson yesterday.

Nick Adams claimed that Carlson ended Pence’s run for president unofficially:

Today at ACTCON Carlson laid it on thick against Pence:

“But if I can make some general observations which I think are more edifying than just like “savaging Mike Pence, um I think… [laughs]”

Carlson went on:

“Which I’m not going to do… because that would be wrong, and it would be wrong because it’s too easy, and the easy things are not rewarding are they? You don’t feel good when you beat your five year old in soccer or ping pong, like what…”

It’s clear that the tide is turning with the GOP and that military interventionists are losing the narrative. It’s unclear why Pence is running for president. Humiliation fettish? Does he need a book deal to pay the bills?

Carlson had a lot more to say, including:

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By Liam Donovan
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