Tucker Carlson Questions Ukraine Pausing Elections, Thinks Gavin Newsom Wants to Replace Joe Biden

Tucker Carlson dropped his latest installment of ‘Tucker on Twitter’ Tuesday evening. Carlson started off with the war in Ukraine and the fight for “democracy”. He ended the monologue speculating that Gavin Newsome, who is cozying up to Joe Biden of late, may enter the race as Biden appears to be losing his mental facilities at 80, in Carlson’s view.

Carlson started, ” You may have found yourself wondering recently as the world slides closer to nuclear Annihilation than any time in human history why exactly are we at war with Russia.” He listed off some possibilities including “so the Biden family can repay its debts to the oligarchs who finance their beach house in Rehoboth.”

He asked the question again, “Really honestly there’s got to be a better reason for waging this the most pointless war of all. What is it?”

According to many leading our country in Government, the Ukrainian war against Russia “is in fact a war for democracy.” Carlson then played a montage of different government officials from both parties describing the war as fight for “democracy.”

Carlson summarized the bipartisan message as “we can have no democracy here if the Ukrainians aren’t free.”

Carlson than highlights a new revelation made by Ukraine’s leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy, there will be no election next year unless Ukraine wins the war. Zelenskyy told a reporter who asked if Ukraine’s presidential election will take place next years Zelenskyy answered, “If we win we’ll let people vote otherwise no you vote.”

It appears Zelenskyy isn’t worried about democracy. Carlson summarized, “So to recap we are currently fighting a war for democracy on behalf of a leader who just casually announced he’s happy to end democracy and our democracy and supporting leaders have no problem with that in fact they’re strongly for it.”

“Wars for democracy always cancel democracy in the process – that’s why our leaders love them and they all do it – even The Virtuous leaders Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus, the British government under Winston Churchill through an entire opposition party into prison and let them rot for the duration – in some cases with their families.”

Carlson then pointed out that Zelenskyy has imprisoned an American citizen for writing unflattering things about the Ukranian government and Joe Biden hasn’t done anything to secure his release in fact he hasn’t said anything bout it.

Carlson then moved on to a WhatsApp message from Hunter Biden that was provided by a whistleblower to the House last week. The message showed that Joe Biden was with Hunter while he was peddling his father’s influence.

The message from the media over the outrageous message has been to spin it. The New York Times wrote of it, “isn’t about presidential corruption but is about how widespread addiction is and about how a determined parent with unconditional love can sometimes reel a child back.” The times told its readers to just let the corruption slide and focus on the love in so many words many believe.

Carlson than transitioned to Joe Biden’s obvious mental decline. He shared a video of Biden from Monday in which he read the stage directions from his prompter. Carlson speculated, “in a year or two he will be gone completely and there will be no hiding it at that point the Democratic party will face a secession problem.”

Carlson doesn’t believe anyone wants Kamala Harris to take the presidency, so who will it be? He pointed to California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom.

“We don’t know obviously this is all just guessing, but we do know whoever that is we’ll have to have two essential criteria. He’ll have to be as shallow ruthless and transactional as Joe Biden is. And he’ll need to have flattery skills that are so polished and advanced they’d be considered Superior even in the Saudi Royal Court and there’s only one man in modern America who fits that description. Gavin Newsom the governor of California and perhaps not coincidentally Joe Biden’s new closest friend.”

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“‘I am here Mr President,’ Newsom told Biden at an event that they did together last week. ‘I am here as a proud American as a proud Californian mesmerized by not just your faith and your Devotion to this country and the world we’re trying to build but by your results by your action by your passion by Your Capacity to deliver.’… “

“Few human beings could do it, but Gavin Newsom had no problem at all those words rolled right off his forked tongue. He never stopped smiling so if you’re looking for the leader of the coup there he is right there he’s in Kennedy’s motorcade.”

As the 2024 election gets closer we will see what new turns come to fruition.

By Liam Donovan
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