Tucker Carlson Overrules Fox News Cease and Desist, Drops Episode Exposing Why Both Parties Hate Donald Trump, ‘his sins are minor compared to those who are persecuting him’

Fox News recently squared up toe to toe with Tucker Carlson, sending him a cease and desist letter for his videos on Twitter after they fired him. Carlson has boldly overruled them, risking it all to expose the truth as the legal battle promises to drag on.

Many news professionals have predicted that if Fox News does sue Carlson it will hurt them with their remaining conservative viewers who love Carlson even more.

In Carlson’s third episode which you can watch below, he even showed a Fox News clip to criticize Mike Pompeo for being two faced to Donald Trump.

Carlson claims none of the reasons the powers that be claim Trump is so bad are actually why the D.C. power cabal truly hate him. It is because he exposed the swamp for being warmongers, and they in both parties will do almost anything to stop him now.

It’s clear that neither Trump or Carlson are going anywhere easily. Stay tuned to Media Right News for more…

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By Hunter Fielding
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